POSTED: January 19th 2017

Budapest 2024 continues to benefit from growing public support

Budapest @ Bigstock
Budapest @ Bigstock

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) A new nationwide opinion poll on Budapest 2024 was performed in December by Kod Kft. The poll showcased that public support continues to grow for the city's bid efforts.

"We are delighted to learn that support for the Olympic Games in Budapest is continuing to grow as more cities and communities across Hungary are backing the bid," expressed Budapest 2024 Bid leader, Balázs Furjes.

A large increase from 51% to 63% was recorded among Hungary's adult population in support of Budapest 2024 and this 12% growth applies across Hungary in the past six months.

Furthermore, the awareness of the bid in Hungary has increased and currently, 95% of the population has heard about the capital's bid efforts. Most people living in Budapest and young people support the bid with over half of Budapest residents are behind the bid, along with young people between 18 and 29 years of age.

Furjes stated, "As a nation, sport has always been a central feature of Hungarian culture and society, and this is reflected in public support to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games."

Moreover, the number of those believing the city is capable of organizing and hosting the 2024 Games has increased since May with 75% of the population sharing that opinion. The research also shows about 54% of responders are optimistic about Budapest's chances of winning the hosting rights for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Even if the city doesn't win the hosting rights, 77% of Hungarians would be proud of Budapest 2024's efforts.

"Hungary expresses itself through sport, and the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games is the world's most important sporting event. Budapest's public venues and supporting infrastructure and services have been planned and developed around sport and major events and Hungary's love of sport," added Furjes.

In addition, the survey highlighted the overwhelming number of 86-90% of participants agreeing that the Olympics would introduce the city to the world and give tourism a strong boost. The poll went on to show that 76-77% of responders believed that Budapest 2024 would unite Hungarians, make them proud, and contribute to the improvement of sport in Hungary.

"Olympic athletes are regarded as heroes and role models in Hungary, and the Budapest Olympic Games will help to inspire a new generation of young people in Hungary, Central Europe and around the world," commented Fürjes.

There was even a decrease of 43% to 34% among those that think that the 2024 Games would be a "too large bit for Hungary" from an economic standpoint.

This survey further strengthens Budapest 2024 and their efforts to win the hosting rights moving forward. Such a strong show of public support will not only enhance the bid but will allow them to deliver a truly immersive Olympic experience.

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