POSTED: January 19th 2017

LA 2024 Games Plan offers no surprises as final three venues unveiled

LA 2024 proposed modern pentathlon venue © LA 2024
LA 2024 proposed modern pentathlon venue © LA 2024

LA 2024 proposed mountain biking venue © LA 2024
LA 2024 proposed mountain biking venue © LA 2024

LA 2024 proposed archery venue © LA 2024
LA 2024 proposed archery venue © LA 2024

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Proposed locations for archery, modern pentathlon, and mountain biking have been announced by Los Angeles (LA) 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Bid Committee. These locations complete a full set of temporary, planned, or existing venue, which means no permanent venue construction is required for the LA 2024 Games. All three locations were carefully picked after considerable collaboration and consultation with the sports respective National Governing Bodies and International Federations (IFs), along with seasoned venue operators and owners.

"The LA 2024 team has worked tirelessly with the International Sports Federations, US National Governing Bodies, local government and experienced venue operators over the last few months to ensure we make the best possible use of Los Angeles' existing world-class sports assets. LA 2024's proposed venues for archery, mountain biking, and modern pentathlon will deliver stunning stages for these great sports, all fully in line with the sustainability principles of the IOC's Olympic Agenda 2020 reforms. LA 2024 has the luxury of selecting the finest existing arenas in LA - not building new ones from scratch - and spending the build-up to the Games focusing our resources on elevating the experience for every participant, not on complex, costly construction," expressed LA 2024 Chairman, Casey Wasserman.

The phenomenal surroundings of the new, state-of-the-art LA Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park will hold archery events. The stadium is also the proposed venue for the LA 2024 Opening and Closing Ceremony. The location will combine the alluring water features and landscaping of Hollywood Park with the innovative LA Stadium to create an archery venue that equals past iconic landscapes and sets new standards.

Modern pentathlon will be staged in the LA 2024 South Bay Sports Part at the multi-use StubHub Center. It will join rugby, tennis, field hockey, and track cycling at the proposed park. The area will provide a holistic Olympic festival atmosphere with live celebration sites, sport activation zones, numerous food and drink options, and sponsorship showcasing. Also, the StubHub Center is able to stage all five modern pentathlon disciplines in a single venue.

Lastly, mountain biking will take place in San Dimas at the beautiful Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park. This location was carefully chosen after various locations were tested. The park proved to be the ideal location to host mountain biking, while also showcasing LA's natural beauty. Venue upgrades will guarantee the park is ready to go for the Games. The improvements will make sure that the area is ready to host future World Cup races as part of LA 2024's legacy.

The announcement of these venues underlines LA 2024's philosophy of creating a "no surprise" Games plan.

LA 2024 CEO, Gene Sykes concluded, "At LA 2024 we are particularly grateful to the IOC for creating a bidding process which allows for closer collaboration with the IFs than ever before, and the chance to enhance our offering to the Olympic Movement with every iteration of our Games Plan. This low-risk, sustainable venue configuration will mean no surprises for the IOC and IFs and optimal conditions for every athlete in 2024."

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