POSTED: December 9th 2016

Olympics: Budapest 2024 excited to move into the final stage of the Olympic bidding selection process

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that Budapest has been selected to continue its bidding efforts to host the 2024 Olympic Games into the third and final bidding phase. The announcement was warmly received by the Budapest 2024 leadership team.

"We are delighted by the support we have received from the Olympic Movement for our innovative plans to bring the world's greatest sporting event back to the heart of the city. Our goal is to make the Olympic Games experience more exciting for the athletes and more affordable and accessible for more cities to host and to spread the Olympic spirit and revitalize sport worldwide," expressed Budapest 2024 Bid Chairman, Balázs Fürjes.

Chairman Fürjes stated that the team was thrilled by the news and anticipation continues to build at the Bid Headquarters.

He added, "Bidding for the Olympic Games is a major responsibility and commitment, and we are humbled and honored, but also very excited as a city and a country, that Budapest has been selected by the IOC to continue with Paris and Los Angeles to the final stage of the 2024 bid process."

Budapest 2024 will continue to express their bid as the "right city at the right time." Budapest's master plan centers around delivering a more affordable and lower risk Games that is staged in a setting that is architecturally, culturally, and environmentally beautiful.

The city is no stranger to hosting major sporting events and has been a popular choice for international sport federations. Budapest was also ranked as one of the world's leading sports cities in a recent major global survey. This puts them in a strong position to deliver an Olympics with community benefits and sustainable legacies in sport and business for Hungary, Central Europe, and the world.

Staging the Games in the global mid-sized city of Budapest would create a new era for possible host cities and the Olympic Movement as a whole.

In addition, Budapest 2024 Bid Officials wanted to extend their gratitude to the IOC and the larger Olympic Family for their valuable feedback and general aid in the development of Budapest's master plan.

"Our innovative bid is stronger and better due to feedback discussions and dialogue with the IOC, the IPC, the IFs, NOCs and wider Games Family as a result of the new Agenda 2020 reforms to the bid process...This collaborative process and guidance has helped us greatly to further develop our intimate master plan, which is built around a compact network of closely located Olympic Games clusters consisting of 26 competition venues, 24 sports and 34 disciplines located within just a 7-kilometre radius from the city center, and close enough for NOCs to locate all in one Olympic Village, within walking distance of the Olympic Park," concluded Director of Sport and Venues for Budapest 2024, Attila Mizsér.

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