POSTED: December 8th 2016

Olympics: Budapest 2024 receives support from the University of Debrecen

University of Debrecen © Bigstock
University of Debrecen © Bigstock

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Budapest 2024 has added another key supporter as an official statement of support was given by the University of Debrecen. They praised the bid's ongoing efforts to bring the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics to Hungary.

Budapest is bidding against Los Angeles and Paris to host the 2024 summer Games.

Following a lecture and Q&A sessions with university students on the Olympic Games and Budapest 2024, a declaration was jointly signed by the University Chancellor, Zoltán Bács and Budapest 2024 Chairman, Balázs Fürjes. The Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, Lajos Barcsa; Olympians; regional council members; and academics also attended the event.

The declaration states that the Olympic would have "positive effects for Debrecen, Budapest, Hungary, and the wider region in the event of a successful application by Budapest 2024." It also notes that Debrecen's reputation would be strengthened and their breadth of offering as a sporting host city, if Budapest is awarded the 2024 Games.

In addition, Budapest 2024's master plan features Debrecen as one of the six Olympic cities, in addition to Budapest. The city would host preliminaries for Football and Volleyball. The University of Debrecen also opened a new Sport and Health Science Education Center last year. 

"Our Games concept ensures that 90% of the population of sports-mad Hungary will be within 90 minutes or less of Olympic competition...Bringing the Games to Hungary would be a fantastically uplifting experience for Hungarians, and 2024 would be the first time in a long time that the Olympic and Paralympic Games would truly be accessible to an entire nation," expressed Chairman Fürjes.

Furthermore, the University of Debrecen will receive new sport facilities and residential buildings in the event of Budapest 2024 bid winning. 

One of the bid's critical legacy projects is the implementation of new and renovation of student accommodations across Hungary. Budapest hopes to support sport education initiatives and foster talent development programs for young athletes.  

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