POSTED: December 5th 2016

Budapest 2024 leaders take part in signing of historic agreements at the 14th Council of Europe Conference

European Sports Ministers from over 40 countries attended the 14th Council of Europe Conference © EPAS
European Sports Ministers from over 40 countries attended the 14th Council of Europe Conference © EPAS

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Budapest has played host to yet another pivotal meeting as the 14th Council of Europe Conference took place at the Hungarian Parliament. Ministers responsible for sport gathered together to sign numerous landmark agreements.

Budapest 2024 Chairman, Balázs Fürjes and Vice-Chairman, Gusztáv Bienerth attended the event. They were joined by European sport ministers from more than 40 countries.

"We are immensely proud that Budapest has facilitated this conference," expressed Chairman Fürjes.

The discussions focused on keeping sport clean. There were three critical priorities on the agenda that included, hooliganism, fight against doping, and match-fixing. A Council of Europe agreement was signed by ministers that aims to combat sport competition manipulation. Another agreement that was signed was focused on curbing hooliganism. Also signed was an agreement of cooperation with the World Anti-Doping Agency, which will allow for quicker international action against doping issues that may arise.

Chairman Fürjes went on to say, "The Council of Europe is setting an example for the international community and, at Budapest 2024, we are diehard supporters of initiatives that make sport more transparent, dispel hostility, root out doping cheats and reward clean athletes."

Hungary's Secretary of State for Sports and four-time Olympic silver medallist, Tünde Szabó stated, "This consultation has involved over 240 sports leaders of more than 40 countries, addressing three crucial themes - ending doping in sport, eliminating match-fixing and creating effective sport leadership. Sport has a huge effect on business and society and so it's our responsibility to lead the way with effective policy and action."

In addition, Hungary announced that by next year a new testing facility will be completed.

Minister of Human Resources for Hungary, Zoltán Balog said, "This facility is being built to support our sports community and protect clean athletes. Operations should commence within six months."

The Council of Europe Deputy Secretary-General, Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni expressed how these signings are an important step towards ending sport corruption.

"Human achievement in sport is something to be marveled at...The agreements signed this week show Europe's representatives at the very highest level standing up and saying 'no more' to those who seek to taint that marvel," commented President of Hungary, International Olympic Committee member, and double Olympic fencing champion, Pál Schmitt.

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