POSTED: December 2nd 2016

Olympics: Budapest 2024 spreads sustainability message to Water Summit 2016 attendees

Budapest hosts World Summit 2016 © Budapest 2024
Budapest hosts World Summit 2016 © Budapest 2024

Water Summit 2016 in Budapest © Budapest 2024
Water Summit 2016 in Budapest © Budapest 2024

Water Summit 2016 attendees gather to gain valuable insight and spread sustainability messages © Budapest 2024
Water Summit 2016 attendees gather to gain valuable insight and spread sustainability messages © Budapest 2024

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Budapest 2024 was able to spread their sustainability message for the 2024 Games during the Water Summit 2016, which was held in the Hungarian capital city. The summit was co-organized by the United Nations (UN) and the World Water Council and it received the backing of the President of Hungary, János Áder.

"This forum reaches out to young people and students of technology, allowing them to socialize their ideas with experts and entrepreneurs from around the globe," said Personal Sustainability Advisor to the President of Hungary and member of the Budapest 2024 Sustainability Advisory Board, Gábor Szűcs.

"We are in the unique position of being a Central European hub...Thought leaders from around the world gather here to share their ideas at forums like the Budapest Water Summit, the outputs of which are adopted by the UN Sustainable Development Summit...We are extraordinarily lucky to have access to this concentration of expertise which is helping us to formulate inspirational yet practical sustainability plans for the Budapest 2024 Olympic Games Bid," expressed Budapest 2024 Head of Sustainability and Legacy, Zsombor Barta.

Sustainability leaders from the Budapest 2024 bid team were in attendance to present their master plan to the gathered global leaders, while also gaining valuable insight to further aid the development of their Games plan. For example, construction projects related to Budapest 2024 are focused on having water efficiency at every step. They are also focused on ensuring that sustainable applications and infrastructure are common themes throughout their bid.

"We aim to inspire the region and lead the way in world-changing sustainability initiatives, such as the Budapest Water Summit," commented Szűcs.

A critical feature of Budapest 2024 is the River Danube, which connects more capital cities and counties than any other river. This fits perfectly with this year's summit theme of "Water Connects." The bid has been exploring heating solutions and geothermal cooling using the River Danube for the proposed Olympic Park.

Barta stated, "The Olympic Games in 2024 in Budapest, with the River Danube at its heart, would help us to spread the sustainability message as widely as possible."

"There is a close symbiosis between the River Danube and the city of Budapest. Ensuring that we are at the forefront of ecological policy making and technology is extremely important to us," added Szűcs.

In addition, several programs are in the works around the riverfront that include pedestrian walkways, biking trials, berthing facility upgrades, and other riverfront improvements. Budapest 2024 recognizes the importance of protecting the world's water ecosystems and will continue to strive to set new standards for hosting Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"As a favorite destination for business, sport, and travel, Budapest reaches a wide international audience. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to lead by example, encouraging those who come here to think about sustainability in revitalized ways, and take those ideas home," concluded Barta.

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