POSTED: September 21st 2016

Olympics: Société du Grand Paris becomes an Official Supplier for Paris 2024

Société du Grand Paris becomes an Official Supplier for Paris 2024 © Paris 2024
Société du Grand Paris becomes an Official Supplier for Paris 2024 © Paris 2024

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Société du Grand Paris (SGP), a public institution established by the State to oversee and fund the Grand Paris Express development, has become an Official Supplier of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Bid.

Grand Paris Express, the largest infrastructure in Europe, is a 124 mile (200km) long rail subway transport system that will serve the Grand Paris region and the Paris 2024 Games. The new system will include four metro lines and the extension of two existing lines in Paris. The entire network will serve 68 stations and will be a catalyst for new housing development and construction across the region. Most of the system will be finished before the proposed date of the Paris 2024 Olympics.

CEO of the Société du Grand Paris, Philippe Yvin stated, "The Grand Paris Express and Paris 2024 have a shared unifying vision to improve social mobility and add economic value across Paris and France. The Paris 2024 bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games is a fantastic opportunity to engage all of society enabling the whole region to pool their energy towards a project that will have long-term benefits for everybody. We are honored to be part of this collective effort."

Now with the addition of SGP to the bid, Paris 2024 will utilize their expertise in transportation development and planning to aid in shaping the overall bid plan. The information Paris 2024 gathers will be used to optimize visitor experience during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"We are very pleased to welcome the Société du Grand Paris as an Official Supplier of Paris 2024. The expertise of SGP in transportation planning and development will help to shape our thinking towards spectator experience and strengthen the social mobility legacy of our project - ensuring Parisians benefit from the new infrastructure long after the Games have ended," expressed Paris 2024 Co-Chair, Bernard Lapasset.

SGP will be activated throughout the bidding phase by:

·         The creation of a 3D digital model of sites and venues included in the Paris 2024 bid plan.

·         The opening of an innovation center called Fabrique de Métro that will showcase and explain the Grand Paris Express in Saint-Ouen.

Paris 2024 has now announced a total of 12 bid partners, which have contributed about 27.8 million USD (25 million Euros) so far. The Bid Committee expects to have more additions to their partnership program and looks to compete it in the coming weeks.

Lapasset concluded, "We have built a very strong network of Official Partners and Suppliers and we thank them all for the contributions they have made, both financially and in terms of the invaluable expertise and insight they have provided. By working together with all of our stakeholders we believe we can deliver a wonderful festival of sport and Olympism in 2024 that unites the nation and brings real benefits to the people of Paris and France."

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