POSTED: August 24th 2016

Olympics: Rio 2016 gives LA 2024 inspiration

USA athletes thank Rio for hosting the 2016 Olympics © LA 2024
USA athletes thank Rio for hosting the 2016 Olympics © LA 2024

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) After the successful conclusion of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the LA 2024 Candidature Committee has strengthened their commitment to learning from the best happenings of an Olympic celebration. They want to also build on the inspiration Rio 2016 delivered to the world through unforgettable performances by the greatest athletes in the world.

"Rio de Janeiro is a jewel, one of the world's great cities, and all Brazilians and Cariocas deserve enormous credit for staging a truly remarkable Olympic Games that gave the world outstanding athletic performances set in a stunning backdrop. I want to commend Mayor Eduardo Paes for his leadership to deliver these Games, which will inform our own work at LA City Hall as we seek to partner with the Olympic Movement," expressed LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti.

For three weeks, LA 2024 took part in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Observer Program and met with various international sport leaders. They were able to learn first-hand how to give athletes optimal conditions for elite performances. After a fruitful and education visit to Brazil, LA 2024 is ready to return home and incorporate what they have learned into their Games Concept for the 2024 Olympics.

"On behalf of the entire LA 2024 team, we are incredibly grateful for the warm welcome we have received from the Olympic Family and from the people of Rio," commented Wasserman.

LA 2024 will put special focus on four key areas including sports entertainment, the city as the stage, broaden horizons, and public mass transit.

Furthermore, LA 2024's focus on harnessing its entertainment and culture of innovation has been reinforced by Rio 2016. They want to offer all participants an unprecedented and entertaining Games, unlike any other Olympics.

After the city of Rio de Janeiro provided a beautiful and stunning backdrop for the 2016 Games, LA 2024 plans to integrate the city's iconic landmarks, scenic coastline, and diverse topography into the fabric of the Summer Games, while also having a strategy that is a camera, athlete, and fan-friendly.

Moreover, LA 2024 will give athletes an opportunity to train in some of the top facilities used by numerous 2016 Olympians. Thus giving staff and athletes from all over the world the chance to succeed to their maximum potential. The city's wealth of existing venues also allows for a quick and easy response to any changes need to the Olympic Program.

In addition, the city is undergoing an $88 billion mass transit overhaul regardless of whether they are awarded the 2024 hosting rights. LA's efficient travel for all participants and spectators will create a city-wide celebration around the Olympic Games.

LA 2024 Chairman, Casey Wasserman stated, "LA 2024's low-risk, sustainable venue plan means we can spend our time and resources on building on the very best of Rio 2016. If we are given the honor of being elected hosts, LA 2024 will have a unique opportunity to spend seven years focusing on innovation and the kind of 'last mile' preparations which elevate the Games-time experience to the Olympic-class of the future for every single stakeholder."

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