POSTED: June 10th 2016

Start-up project launched to support Rome 2024 and Italian art

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Unirete organized a two-day event in which the project selected by businesses in Lazio, with Rome 2024 contribution. It was the ideal setting to make the announcement of the award with more than 5,000 visitors and 900 businesses participating.

Skylabstudios' #SEEROMA2024 was awarded the project by the Honorary Jury, which included Lazio's Region Councilor for Economic Development, Guido Fabiani; Vice President of Digital Magics, Marco Gay; Education and Territory Manager for Rome 2024, Monica Lucarelli; Unindustria Board for Small Industries member, Filippo Tortoriello; and Unindustria President, Maurizio Stirpe.

Their objectives are to support Rome 2024 and focus global attention on Italian art. Valni and Skylabstudios, two Lazio located start-ups, collaborated on the effort. The innovative, effective, and engaging tool is offered by the project to support Rome's Bid to host the 2024 Olympics.

The contest called for practical support for Rome 2024, innovative content, and to comply with points outlined by the Bid Committee. The Committee aims to make Rome the smart city of the future through the use of sustainable transportation and mobility, tourism, innovation, local marketing, and technology.

In addition, Rome 2024 General Coordinator, Diana Bianchedi was present to represent the Bid Committee to stimulate conversation around the Olympics. She spoke during a roundtable titled, "Creativity, Culture and Tourism: Lazio and Engine for Italy," which Unindustria Vice President, Giampaolo Letta moderated.

Bianchedi stated that the Olympics, "Are an opportunity for us to give a new push to economic development in the region. Not only will the Games attract investments, including foreign investors."

She continued saying, "They will focus the attention of the global media on Rome, helping bring more tourists and visitors to enjoy the unforgettable mix of sport and culture that only Rome can offer, thanks to its immense heritage."

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