POSTED: May 28th 2016

Olympics: Rome 2024 bid launches new website

© Rome 2024
© Rome 2024

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The Rome 2024 Bid Committee unveiled their website's new version that gives the bid a new domain and look. It is now online at The Bid Committee presented the website at Wired Next Fest, which was organized by Wired Italia and is a festival that is dedicated to technology.

"Ours is a nation marked by beauty, ingenuity. We are open to the world and we prove it every day," commented Rome 2024 Director of Communications, Fabio Guadagnini.

Rome's official bid platform has a catchy design and "breaks with tradition." It will be enriched, over time, with photos, texts, maps, news, and videos. The final configuration will be reached by mid-June.

Rome 2024 Bid Committee President, Luca di Montezemolo, stated, "Our Olympic project wants to break free of the past and of the present. We are marching into the future, designing and building the world in 2024 together. That's why we've already started to dialogue with Universities and startups, but your contribution is key as well."

The site's home page features an introductory video that illustrates the majesty of Rome, its lights, dreamlike atmosphere, and monuments. Innovation, hospitality, quality products, attention to detail, talent, green areas, and large structures are all a part of Rome, since its founding in 753 B.C. Rome is "Trained for the Future."

"With the Games Rome looks towards the future," expressed President Montezemolo.

He added, "We need your ideas and your critiques to help us merge the extraordinary beauty of Rome, and of all Italy, with an equally extraordinary push for innovation."

Guadagnini  concluded, "Today is yet another important day for Rome 2024: after having presented our logo, in December 2015, and our Candidature File, this past February, the Bid Committee has now given a new look and a new domain to its online image. It's not a plain website, but a veritable storehouse for news, videos and images and will be gradually rolled out, ultimately reaching its final configuration around mid-June. It is an updated, interactive platform, designed in order to serve as the meeting point for all of the Bid Committee's social network profiles: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, through which Rome's Bid Committee will constantly keep in touch with web users."

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