POSTED: May 17th 2016

Olympics: Paris City Council approves plan to see more sport brought to the city center

Paris City Council hears 43 point plan © Ville de Paris / Henri GARAT
Paris City Council hears 43 point plan © Ville de Paris / Henri GARAT

(L-R) Mayor Hidalgo; Paris 2024 Co-Chairman, Tony Estanguet and Bernard Lapasset © Ville de Paris / Henri GARAT
(L-R) Mayor Hidalgo; Paris 2024 Co-Chairman, Tony Estanguet and Bernard Lapasset © Ville de Paris / Henri GARAT

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Key proposals to bring more sport to the center of Paris were approved today by the Paris City Council. This will allow for the implementation of 43 new initiatives.

The 2024 Olympic Games will be leveraged as a catalyst for the transformation of Paris into a healthier, greener city with more sustainable transport and housing initiatives. The plan aims to work cohesively with the main Paris 2024 principles, along with promoting the Olympic Movement core values and create the ideal environment for showcasing world-class sport.

Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, alongside Paris 2024 Co-Chairman, Bernard Lapasset, and Tony Estanguet presented the 43 point plan. Olympic Boxing Champion, Brahim Asloum and Paris 2024 Executive Board Member, Marie-Jose Perec were also present during the presentation and unanimous approval by the Paris City Council.

Some of the critical proposals laid out included, a new rapid transit line that will serve major proposed 2024 Olympic sites and run from the east to the west of Paris; clean-up of the Seine River; and a cycle lane, which will link proposed sites for the 2024 Olympic Games.

The new projects are set to be implemented between now and the proposed start of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. All aspects of Paris society will see improvements due to the new plan.

"I'm thrilled that Paris City Council has approved these proposals that will help our bid to kick-start positive change in the daily life of Parisians. Paris is on a journey of re-invention and sport has a key role to play in the transformation of the city to a modern, dynamic metropolis with sustainability and active lifestyles at its core," expressed Mayor Hidalgo.

She added, "The bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games is a fantastic opportunity for Paris to advance its sporting infrastructure but also to build a sustainable, creative and vibrant global city. The 43 actions approved today make the most of this opportunity. They will be implemented between now and 2024 - ensuring a genuine, transformative legacy for the city and the people of Paris."

"Paris 2024 is delighted that these fantastic projects, making sport even more integral to life in our capital city, have been given the go-ahead. These initiatives are totally aligned with the core values of our bid and are already helping to enrich the lives of our citizens through sport," commented Lapasset.

He concluded, "Parisians and the French people have a strong passion for Olympic sport.  Now this will give them more opportunities to lead active, healthier lifestyles while also boosting Paris' standing as a leading city of sport - the perfect platform for showcasing the Olympic and Paralympic Games and core Olympic values."

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