POSTED: April 17th 2016

Rome 2024 and La Sapienza University take action in bid for the Olympic Games

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Rome 2024 Bid Committee and La Sapienza University have signed a letter of intent and it was endorsed through the agreement with Sapienza Innovation Consortium as it's entered into the #labRoma2024 project. The project is an initiative started by Rome 2024 that is dedicated to the development of local businesses and startups aiming at the modernization of Rome.

Rome 2024 wants to encourage the development of business ventures and new technologies consistent with initiatives started by the Bid Committee. La Sapienza University is Europe's oldest university and has strong traditions. This agreement provides opportunities for Rome 2024 to focus on innovation and research, along with allowing them to meet with faculty and students.

Rome 2024 Bid Committee President, Luca di Montezemolo; General Coordinator, Diana Bianchedi; Vice President, Luca Pancalli; CONI President, Giovanni Malago; and Chancellor of La Sapienza University of Rome, Eugenio Gaudio presented Rome 2024's candidature project to students during the signing ceremony. Also, present at the ceremony were Chancellor for Sport delegate, Maurizio Barbieri and Paralympic basketball player and national team captain for Athens 2004 and London 2012, Matteo Cavagnini.

President Montezemolo stated, "If we want to plan the future of a modern, sustainable and citizen-centered Rome, we can only engage with the University that has the right keys to provide us with the necessary tools."

He added, "We firmly believe in an Olympic Games not end itself, but that ensures important benefits to the city, that will help improve the quality of life of its citizens. To do this we must plan today what we want for the future, and we are asking for the contribution of the best forces of the city."

"The Olympics in Rome could offer a better future to our children. It is a difficult challenge that we can only win if we stand together. We are into the game and we are moving in all directions, particularly attentive to all social and environmental issues. We are working on the territory, we started by those who live in the city, the municipalities, the districts, the schools, and universities. We want to win and ensure Rome's improvement and we can only do this with your world at our side, the world that involves the new generations. Your ideas, your projects, and your talents are the positive energy that fosters our Olympic dream," commented Malago.

"It is my great pleasure to host the Roma 2024 bid Committee here in our University. This event, which involves the biggest Italian university and a considerable number of students, can be a significant contribution in supporting the path to the Games of 2024. I hope that this Olympic dream becomes a reality for our country and for our city," expressed Gaudio.

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