POSTED: April 5th 2016

Largest public engagement initiative in Olympic bid history has been launched by Paris 2024

The Eiffel Tower © Big Stock
The Eiffel Tower © Big Stock

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The most major public engagement initiative in Olympic bid history was launched, today, by the Paris 2024 Bid Committee. The purpose of this initiative is to tap into the innovative thinking and creative ideas that the French people have to ensure Paris' bid plans touch and resonate with the nation as a whole.

The City of Paris, Ile-de-France region, State Government, National Olympic and Paralympic Committees, and Paris 2024 led the engagement initiative. An open dialogue with the French public will allow them to make contributions as the bid project develops and evolves.

The public can submit ideas and engage in the application process through three primary ways, such as online platform, engagement kit that can be downloaded via the Paris 2024 website, and public in-person engagement meetings.

Moreover, the French public will be able to vote on proposals, engage with the bid, and provide feedback on an online platform, which will also publish all the ideas submitted. September 30. 2016 will mark the end of the process in which the top 100 ideas will be analyzed for possible inclusion in the Paris 2024 bid project.

Furthermore, the official launch took place at the French National Olympic Committee headquarters. The initiative aims to target under-25s and "Generation 2024" across the country. This is only the first of a series of major public engagement workshops focused on helping Paris gain the hosting rights for the 2024 Games. Between now and the end of the bid process, similar events are set to be held in different cities and regions across France and will target many groups.

Paris 2024 bid leaders are aiming to address key themes, including economic and regional development, Games engagement and celebration, and society and sport. They are encouraging community groups, schools, businesses, and sports associations to not only participate in the bid initiatives but plan and run their own engagement events.

In addition, in September, Paris 2024 will be conducting a "Tour de France," where they will visit the cities that will host the Olympic football matches if Paris wins the 2024 Olympic Games hosting rights.  

Paris 2024 Co-Chairman, Bernard Lapasset, "Paris 2024 is focused on collaboration and engagement with the people of Paris and France, and we are proposing an Olympic and Paralympic Games that will deliver a strong legacy for the whole of the country and the Olympic Movement. Today we are launching the biggest ever engagement initiative in Olympic bid history to ensure that the public are part of the story making real contributions by submitting creative ideas to the project."

"Since the very beginning, the Paris 2024 bid has been built on engagement and consultation with many stakeholders sharing their passion for the Games and contributing their expertise and knowledge. We're now looking forward to receiving input from as many of the French public as possible to build the bid and drive it forward," expressed Bernard.

"Our aim is to present an Olympic and Paralympic bid that works in total harmony with our city's and nation's long-term sports, economic, social and environmental strategies - ensuring a genuine, lasting legacy for the people of Paris and France. We can only achieve this by opening up a real dialogue with the French public, taking into account views from all aspects of society," commented Paris 2024 Co-Chairman, Tony Estanguet.

He concluded, "France is embarking on a journey of re-invention and by bidding for the 2024 Games we are opening up to an exciting and bold future whilst remaining true to our rich sporting and cultural traditions. Imbued with youthful values and defined by creativity France has some of the most inspired minds and we're looking forward to hearing the views, opinions and ideas of the people of France."

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