POSTED: February 19th 2016

Budapest 2024 submits first Olympic candidature document seeking to become first host in central Europe

The Budapest master plan seeks to ensure that individuals will not need to travel more than 10 km of any venue / Bigstock
The Budapest master plan seeks to ensure that individuals will not need to travel more than 10 km of any venue / Bigstock

DR. ERIC C. SCHWARZ / Sports Features Communications  

(SFC)  'A new beginning for Budapest that promises to reinvigorate the Olympic Movement'.  This is the vision articulated in the first stage of the Olympic candidature file submitted by Budapest today to be considered as host of the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Budapest is trying to become the first nation from central Europe to host the Games, and would coincide with celebrating the 35th anniversary of the fall of communism and Hungary becoming a democratic republic.  

According to Balázs Fürjes, Chairman of the Budapest 2024 bid committee "Our bid is a strong, compelling and responsible bid.  This is a moment in time, our moment in time to step forward together and inspire the world".

The bid concept is strongly centered on the athletes.  The focal point of the bid plan is central accommodations, easy to reach venues, and minimal travel times.  With Budapest at the heart, and accompanied by the five surrounding municipalities of Balaton, Debrecen, Szeged, Miskolc and Gy�'r, the master plan seeks to ensure that individuals will not need to travel more than 10 km of any venue.  In addition, nearly 9 million Hungarian residents - representing 90% of the population - will be within 90 minutes of all venues.

In addressing this plan, Bid Committee's Director of Architecture and Urban Planning, Sándor Finta said "Our bid optimizes our ability to deliver a compact plan, while leveraging the scale of the country in its entirety."

Budapest 2024 COO László Vajda added "It's important to showcase sporting excellence and endeavor.  Our concept will unite the city, nation and the region in an authentic celebration of Olympic values and young people are not only a part of our future, they are part of the world's future."

With youth being a major focus of Budapest 2024, the bid plan also seeks to go beyond the Games to incorporate sport and cultural festivals across the country that will 'excite and inspire generations across the globe'; while also offering a legacy by delivering benefits to local communities across Hungary through the improvement of transportation, housing, sport and recreation venues, education, and programming to promote healthy lifestyles.

Budapest 2024 also seeks to show that one does not need to be one of the world's largest cities to host a successful Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.  In fact, the bid document strongly reinforces the benefits of how the scale of Budapest as a city and Hungary as a country actually provided a great opportunity to offer a successful, responsible, and sustainable Olympics to validate the IOC's successful implementation of Olympic Agenda 2020.

This is reinforced the Attila Mizsér, Director of Sports, "Our bid looks forward to the future and reinforces the aspirations of the IOC through a unique Games concept that carefully balances the Games and long-term needs and perfectly aligns to all requirements."

Budapest is running against Los Angeles, Paris, and Rome to host the 2024 Games. The IOC will choose their final winner at the official session that will take place at Lima, Peru in 2017.

**DR. ERIC C. SCHWARZ is a tenured Senior Lecturer of Sport Management at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.  He has been an academician for 16 years in the areas of sport business management, international tourism, and hospitality management - with special focus on the areas of sport marketing, sport finance, tourism, and facility/event management.  He speaks globally and is the author of numerous publications in these areas, as well as been actively involved in consulting projects working with a multitude of sport and community organizations ranging from grassroots efforts to hallmark events.  

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