POSTED: January 27th 2016

Olympics: City Council approves Budapest 2024 list of venues for the Games

The Budapest City Council has now officially shown their support for the Hungarian bid  / MTI-MOB / MTI Thomas  Smith
The Budapest City Council has now officially shown their support for the Hungarian bid / MTI-MOB / MTI Thomas Smith

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(SFC) Today the Budapest city council officially approved the list of venues in the Olympic bid plan giving a boost to the Hungarian bid. The Municipal Assembly voted 21 in favor, one against, with 9 abstentions approving the seven cluster plan.

The news of the Council's approval further impedes the proposal by opposition parties for a public referendum on the Olympic bid. Hungary's Supreme Court decided last week to block the referendum request and now the city has added their support to the Olympic bid showing their backing to go forward full speed on the campaign.

Budapest Olympic park is projected to be on Csepel Island located in the Danube River. The proposed project foresees a new 60,000 seat stadium that will be used for track and field events and the opening and closing ceremonies, a 10,000 seat main court tennis complex, a velodrome, and the Olympic Village. Temporary facilities will be set up downtown for beach volleyball and archery.

After the Games the new stadium would be downsized to seat 15,000 and the Ferenc Puskas Stadium, which is being remodeled for the 2020 European Championships, would host the Olympic soccer events.

A number of events will be staged outside of the city namely golf, rowing and equestrian, and the preliminaries of basketball, hand ball and soccer.

Last year a feasibility study carried out on the development costs for the Games came in at 1.074 trillion forints (approximately $3.7 billion) with net costs after the sale of the venues plus other revenues calculated at 774 billion forints (approximately $2.7 billion).

Budapest is running against Los Angeles, Paris and Rome to host the 2024 Summer Games. The IOC will vote for their final winner to stage the Games in 2017 at the official session in Lima, Peru.

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