POSTED: December 16th 2015

IOC President Bach visits Budapest to join the 120th-anniversary celebration of the Hungarian NOC

President Bach visited a fencing school in Budapest to promote Olympic values and to do some fencing with the students / IOC
President Bach visited a fencing school in Budapest to promote Olympic values and to do some fencing with the students / IOC

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(SFC) During the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Hungarian National Olympic Committee (NOC) the 120th anniversary was celebrated by the Hungarian NOC in Budapest today. International Olympic Committee (IOC) President, Thomas Bach joined the celebrations and spoke about the strong sporting tradition of Hungary, along with a substantial historical relationship with the Olympic Movement.

President Bach highlighted the critical role that Hungarian, Ferenc Kemény had in the organization of the 1894 Congress, which created the IOC and revived the Olympic Games. In his address, he praised the country for their high sporting record at the Olympic Games and stated that the athletes have always been a source of pride for Hungary.

He said, "Hungary holds a remarkable record, namely being the country that has won more medals than any other country that has never hosted the Olympic Games."

"This is a very impressive record, and Hungary can rightly be proud of such sporting success," expressed President Bach.  

President Bach added that he was very impressed with how the quickly Budapest has embraced the Olympic Agenda 2020 principles as the city hopes to host the 2024 Olympic Games.

He commented, "In line with Olympic Agenda 2020, sustainability, feasibility, and legacy form the cornerstones of Budapest's candidature. The reforms of Olympic Agenda 2020 make it easier for countries like Hungary to use the Olympic Games as a catalyst for their own long-term development needs."

Bach expressed how the candidature process for the 2024 Games would be a fascination contest and that Budapest is a strong contender.

Earlier in the day, President Bach and Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán met to discuss what role sport can play in Hungarian society. Prime Minister Orbán emphasized the numerous investments into the sport facilities and stressed that sport is a significant piece of their education system.

In addition, the President of Hungary, János Áder also met President Bach. During their time, they discussed the value of sustainability and the Hungarian President's involvement in the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference (COP21), which will be convened in Paris. They also touched on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

President Bach also met János Áder, the President of Hungary. They discussed the importance of sustainability and the involvement of the Hungarian President in the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris. They also talked about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

After his meetings, President Bach saw many famous Olympians from Hungary and gathered at a local secondary school to promote the Olympic Ideals and to do some fencing classes.

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