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Pleyel selected by Paris 2024 Bid Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Village

Paris diagram © Paris 2024
Paris diagram © Paris 2024

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(SFC) The Paris 2024 Bid Committee's Board of Directors has selected the location of Pleyel, which is by the River Seine and in the Seine-Saint-Denis district for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Village. The decision is one step in Paris' Games bid plan to host the 2024 Games.

"The Olympic Village in Pleyel will be a positive and enriching experience for Olympians in the heart of Paris. We are very grateful to the local stakeholders in the city that have worked together to make this excellent proposal in Pleyel viable and with the full support of all the local communities. Today I want to thank them for their investment throughout this long assessment period, and their commitment to making this project come to life," expressed Bernard Lapasset, Co-Chairman of the Paris 2024 Bid Committee.

The proposed Pleyel Olympic Village will span across the districts of L'Île-Saint-Denis, Saint Ouen, and Saint-Denis that covers an area of about 124 acres (50 hectares). Part of the vision for Paris 2024 is to create an athlete-centered plan, and this is highlighted by the choice of Pleyel as it will offer Olympians inner-city comfort and convenience. Pleyel also has the capacity to build a nearby Media Village.  

In addition, the prime location will provide excellent access to two of the main proposed venues for the 2024 Games. The Stade de France, the chosen Olympic Stadium, and the planned Saint-Denis Aquatics Centre are within 1.2 miles (two kilometers) of the Village.

Chief Executive of the Paris 2024 Bid Committee, Etienne Thobois stated, "Our decision today to select Pleyel will further strengthen the Paris 2024 bid and reflects our strong will to place the experience of the athletes at the heart of our project. The proposed Olympic Village will be located less than two kilometers away from the Olympic Stadium and the planned Aquatics Centre. For 84% of athletes, it will only take 25 minutes to reach their competition venue. We believe we have made the right decision for all the Olympic Family."

Furthermore, athletes will be able to enjoy a relaxing, distinctive, and unique atmosphere due to Pleyel's river environment and heritage buildings. Pleyel will offer the perfect setting for athletic preparation and training as about 480 training venues will be within 30 minutes of the area.

By the time 2024 Games take place, the Village will have a high-class and fully accessible public transport service. An important transport hub will be formed by the future Saint-Denis Pleyel Station, its Grand Paris Express lines, along with existing stations to adequately serve the Village. Road access will also be equally comprehensive, making the Village approximately 20 minutes away by car from the city center.

After the 2024 Games come to an end, the Pleyel Olympic Village will be converted into a new "Eco-City." A diverse, multi-functional urban center will be formed in the heart of Paris.

Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo explained, "The selection of Pleyel for the proposed Paris Olympic Village in 2024 is a major milestone for our bid which the whole city can be excited about. It will serve athletes from around the world in a great location near Paris' city center - offering comfort, convenience and easy accessibility. The Olympic Village and Media Village will also be wonderful additions to the city post-Games and central components of the positive legacy that will be enjoyed for many generations. The transformation of this area of Paris is already underway, and the Games will accelerate the regeneration of this young, dynamic and creative district. It faces strong challenges but, with 35% of its population aged under 25, it also offers tremendous assets, skills and opportunities. It is very close from the centre of the capital, and yet too many of its inhabitants have been left aside in the past. The Games will help to create strong links that will benefit all residents and communities. They will also make a huge impact with new homes, new public transport facilities, new jobs, new business opportunities and new public spaces to live, work, visit and play. The Pleyel district will become a modern, inclusive and sustainable urban environment with a total of 5,000 excellent new homes and pleasant inner-city landscapes that local residents and visitors alike can enjoy."

A home away from home will be provided to the over 150,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes, along with National Olympic Committee (NOC) team members and Pleyel is the ideal location.

"The Olympic Village is a symbolic venue of the Games that brings together 10,500 Olympic athletes and 4,350 Paralympic athletes from all sports, all countries, all cultures and all religions. This diversity illustrates the values of Olympism, excellence, friendship and respect and transforms the Village into a unique place in the world. The Olympic Village must welcome the athletes and provide the best possible conditions as they are the most essential component of the Games and the ones who make the magic of the Games happen. The chosen location for the Paris Olympic Village delivers on all of these fronts," concluded Tony Estanguet, Co-Chairman of the Paris 2024 Bid Committee.

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