POSTED: October 10th 2015

IOC President Thomas Bach targets the new Olympic Channel to reach the younger generation

IOC President Thomas Bach / Ian Jones IOC
IOC President Thomas Bach / Ian Jones IOC

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) International Olympic Committee (IOC) President, Thomas Bach has a goal to reinforce the Olympics message among the younger generation by making the Olympic Games more attractive. During an interview with the specialist medium HORIZONT, President Bach expressed how the new "Olympic Channel," is necessary "in order to preserve the relevance of our sports disciplines and to firmly establish the athletes among the younger target group." The new channel will broadcast Olympic sports around the clock on the internet.

Bach also announced that the broadcasting company will offer a colorful mixture of stories about athletes and volunteers, the latest news, background information, and live sports. The company currently has a set up in Madrid with 120 employees. When the worldwide program is launched in the English language, it is conceivable that co-operation arrangements with other national TV broadcasting companies in their respective languages will happen.

In addition, Back admitted that the IOC has been focusing on traditional linear television too much in the past. He pointed out that it is necessary to have an all-encompassing presence on digital platforms to reach the younger generation. It is a crucial reason that Discover was awarded the European TV rights for the Olympic Games from 2018 to 2024.

Bach stated, "Discovery is able to offer us the large number of platforms that we will require in future, but ARD and ZDF cannot."

A reason for that lies with the legal restrictions that affect public broadcasting corporations.

President Bach believes that the world holds the Olympic Games brand in high regard. He added that the Olympics stand for cooperation, excellence, globality between people. Furthermore, Olympic Agenda 2020 will strengthen the brand's credibility along with the athletic competition. President Bach regards the 2024 Olympic Games applicants consisting of Budapest, Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, and Hamburg as having sustained attractiveness for the Games.

President Bach was honored this week in Frankfurt, Germany as "Player of the Year," with the HORIZONT Sports Business Award.

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