POSTED: September 3rd 2015

Atos creates new IT cloud that proves to be a true milestone in the digital transformation of the Olympic Games

Using a cloud takes away the need to rebuild an entire infrastructure for each of the Games, which is both timely and costly / Bigstock
Using a cloud takes away the need to rebuild an entire infrastructure for each of the Games, which is both timely and costly / Bigstock

BRITTANY MILLSAP (USA) / Sports Features Communications 

(SFC) Atos, Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games announced their secure, cloud IT communications that will be used for the first time at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

The new cloud IT will be used to test and run the applications used to distribute the results of each event to the world's media. The cloud IT will also improve and help run the core planning systems that are used to recruit volunteers, support workforce management, and supervise the competition schedule and process accreditations for athletes, media and all other Olympic Family members.

The new cloud represents a major milestone in the digital arena of the Olympic Games. The creation of the new cloud is built using Canopy Enterprise Private Cloud and VCE's Vblock System. These together create an infrastructure solution that can support other businesses in addition to the Olympic Games.

The first test for the new cloud infrastructure will commence in August when IT professionals will test the Workforce Management systems to be used by the PyeongChang Olympic Games. During September the program will escalate upwards for a limited time to prove its capability to support expected demand throughout the project, and then will come down to support the demand at the beginning stages of the project. When the Volunteer Portal for PyeongChang Games goes live around two years prior to the Games, the cloud will have an increased capacity and bandwidth to cover the high level of demand for thousands of volunteer requests being addressed in a short period of time.

IOC Technology and Information Director,  Jean-Benoit Gauthier, said, "The delivery of the secure cloud, IT infrastructure to support all Olympic Games from 2018 is a major milestone in our digital transformation. The Cloud is a perfect fit for the Olympic Games and we are delighted to be working with our long-term Worldwide IT Partner on this important project that will benefit all those who participate in the Games - media, athletes and spectators."

The Atos Group Chief Commercial Officer, and CEO of Major Events, Patrick Adiba, also commented, "As is the case for many businesses, the move to the cloud brings many benefits For the Olympic Games. It takes away the need to rebuild an entire infrastructure for each of the Games, which is both timely and costly. It also helps the IT team to react faster and to anticipate new needs and perhaps most importantly, it provides flexibility. As the Olympics does not need to operate at full capacity all the time, a cloud infrastructure will enable computing power to be scaled up and down to meet demand and ensure the best experience for users."                           

Lastly, Gard Little at IDC, the global provider of market intelligence for the information technology markets said, "For Atos, successfully delivering on such high-visibility projects will likely lead to other large systems integration projects with complex security requirements. IDC believes that once prospects benchmark their requirements against what Atos has delivered for the Olympics, they will be more likely to consider Atos as a systems integrator and digital services player."   

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