POSTED: August 31st 2015

Athletes of Korea, China, and Japan celebrate East Asia's future Olympics

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(SFC) Last Friday, at the Halla Gymnasium in Jeju, the International Sport Cooperation Center of Korea (ISC) delivered the "Champions of Tomorrow" for the 569 athletes (China: 192, Korea: 183, and Japan: 194) who were participating in the 23rd Korea-China-Japan Junior Sports Exchange Meet.

Athletes had the chance to learn Olympic values through the educational program along with enlightening them on the importance of East Asia hosting three consecutive Olympic Games. PyeongChang will host the 2018 Winter Olympics, Japan in 2020, and Beijing in 2022.

Two experience-based activities made up the program.

First was called "Express Olympic Values Through Your Body," which familiarized the athletes with the Olympic values of "friendship," "excellence," and "respect" and how advised them to express those values through their bodies. The final part of the activity was a chance for athletes to build a country name and host year of the three Olympics through the Olympic rings as well as their bodies.

The second activity was "The Champion's Oath." This particular event had the athletes sign an oath together to encourage them to reflect on the Olympic values they created in the previous activity.

Social Networking Service (SNS) pages were established by the ISC for the program as a platform for sharing photos from the networking online and events. The two pages are listed below:

-                      Champions of Tomorrow Facebook:

-                      Champions of Tomorrow Weibo:

Zhao Yi Xin from China participated in the program noted that his dream was to become an Olympic gold medalist and that the program taught him the Olympic values that all athletes should possess. Xin also mentioned how he was able to network with his fellow athletes from China, Korea, and Japan.

Also participating in the program was Katoka Shoma from Japan who expressed how glad he was to be able to keep in touch with friends from different countries through the SNS pages, while also sharing photos from the program.

In addition, the Jeju Special Self-governing Provincial Sports Council (JJSC) and the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) hosted the Korea-China-Japan Junior Exchange Meet from August 23-29th.

ISC has been developing educational programs for the Korean national team for the advancement of Korean sport. ISC also hosts the International Sport Cooperation Conferences that is organized with the International Olympic Committee's support.

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