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2024 Olympics: Los Angeles is making overtures to get the USOC nod as candidate city as USOC EB convenes

(LtoR) Lauren Potter, Maria Shriver, and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti at the very successful Special Olympics World Games that were just held in LA / LA Mayor's Office
(LtoR) Lauren Potter, Maria Shriver, and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti at the very successful Special Olympics World Games that were just held in LA / LA Mayor's Office

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(SFC) Los Angeles is going vocal on how much it wants to pick up the spot as the American contender after Boston fell out of the 2024 bid race. Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke to the Los Angeles Times staff yesterday and claimed that they estimated a budget at hosting the Games at about $4.5 billion and then offered a guarantee that the city would cover any financial overruns should they exceed that point.

The LA Mayor was joined by local businessman and sports agent Casey Wasserman, who was the leader of the LA 2024 bid, and both backed the philosophy that the city should bear the costs of overruns or shortfalls and not the taxpayers.

The estimated $4.5 billion figure includes a $400 million contingency fund however both said that they would have to check with the USOC before they could release a point by point breakdown.

He anticipates over $5 billion from the IOC and sponsorships and they both expect to turn a profit on the Games like LA did in 1984.

The USOC Executive Board is meeting in Denver tomorrow at the International Airport and a press call is in the works, but it is not known yet if they will make their choice as yet.

Garcetti told the Times, "I think it is right for this city. I think it's who we are. I think we benefit from it economically, socially.

He added in a video interview with KCAL9 news, "Since 1984 over 80% of the facilities that we would use have been built since then, the Staples Center, the Stub Hub Center, etc. The thing that bankrupts other cities is that they would have to build new things and we don't have to here in Los Angeles.  

"We'd want to leave a legacy behind, so that we not only to make money but it's for the people to be able to have sports here in LA."

Garcetti also confirmed that the LA bid team were still in discussions with the USOC on details but the USOC has until mid-September to make a choice between the other three bids that were on the table Washington, D.C., San Francisco, California and Los Angeles, California.

Shared venues with San Francisco?

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that since San Francisco is viewed as an underdog in the race to become the American favorite their potential strength could come from a shared bid with Los Angeles. The Bay area has the lure of Silicon Valley and the entrepreneurial input of tapping into that sector. But they also have a lack of ready facilities and could also have rumblings of non-consensual local opinion and wind up with the downfall issues of Boston.

But the head of the San Francisco bid, Steve Strandberg, told the Sentinal said it will require "a process that serves the interest of the city as much as the USOC."

Two key IOC members weighed in on that idea, Canadian Dick Pound and Los Angeles outgoing head of the LA84 Foundation and IOC Executive Board Member, Anita De Frantz. Pound remarked that "One could see why San Francisco would find that appealing. Less so why L.A. would."

De Frantz, on the other hand brought up the fact that it was important to have one central organizing committee to expedite decision making and one Olympic Village to unite all the athletes under the Olympic Ideal.

The American contender for the 2024 Olympic race will go up against Paris, Rome, Hamburg, and Budapest with Toronto and Baku standing by to make a decision.

**LAURA WALDEN has over twenty-five years of experience in the Olympic Movement, formerly at the European Olympic Committees with SportEurope under former IOC President Dr. Jacques Rogge and IOC Member Mario Pescante. She worked with the Rome 2004 and Turin 2006 Olympic bids and also managed PR & media for Dr. Jacques Rogge during his campaign for the presidency.

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