POSTED: August 7th 2015

Olympics: Time for Rio 2016 to make history with one year to go

Rio 2016 one year to go © Rio 2016
Rio 2016 one year to go © Rio 2016

Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff attended the celebrations with IOC President Thomas Bach (right) / IOC Ian Jones
Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff attended the celebrations with IOC President Thomas Bach (right) / IOC Ian Jones

IOC President Bach got into a little beach soccer with a group of Olympians / Ian Jones IOC
IOC President Bach got into a little beach soccer with a group of Olympians / Ian Jones IOC

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games countdown has finally reached the one year mark and what a year it's going to be. Rio 2016 is ready to bring the excitement of the approaching Olympics to all of Brazil and the world.

IOC President Bach was on hand for the year out celebration and said: "It seems only yesterday that the IOC chose the warm, vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro to be the first South American host for the Olympic Games. There is no better place to achieve that milestone for Brazil and for South America. Billions of people from around the world will see and marvel at the aquarela do Brasil -- the spectacular beauty of the land and sea. They will be enchanted by the warmth of the Brazilian people; the vibrant and diverse culture. This will be Brazil's moment. These will be Brazil's Olympic Games, right here in the cidade maravilhosa." 

"The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will leave a legacy of new sporting venues for elite athletes and the general public. Deodoro and Barra Olympic Parks are prime examples of this. These Olympic Games will leave a legacy of new transport links that will benefit residents and visitors for generations to come. By 2016, the majority of Rio de Janeiro's population will have access to high-capacity public transport. 

"In just seven years, the numbers of people having access to good quality transport will have risen from just 16 percent in 2009 to 63 percent by the time those buses and metros are filled with Olympic fans heading for the Opening Ceremony. This will be the biggest urban redevelopment since the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992.  The world will talk about a Rio de Janeiro before the Games and a much better Rio de Janeiro after the Games."

Over the next 365 days, Rio de Janeiro will experience some of the energy the Games will bring and see the Olympic spirit spread like wildfire. Rio 2016 takes a look at what they have achieved and what the future still holds.

Over 10,000 of the world's best athletes representing 206 countries will come together to compete in Rio. Until then, Rio 2016 will touch the lives of all Brazilians and everyone worldwide. The city will warm up by holding dozens of test events.

Over the next year, Rio 2016 has many plans to spread the Olympic spirit. First, they started in 2014 by bringing the Games into the schools with the launch of the Rio 2016 education program. The Rio 2016 Games have also inspired people to volunteer with 240,000 signups from all over Brazil and another 192 countries for the Summer Games.

In addition, Rio 2016 use the Olympic torch relay as a change to spread the warmth and joy of the Olympics to the entire country as the symbol of Olympism will pass through 300 cities. The relay will start in May and touch almost every part of the Brazil before ending in Rio at the Opening Ceremony.

The next 365 days will go by quickly and before long the Rio 2016 Games will be upon us. Rio is ready to put their stamp in the Olympic history books.

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