POSTED: July 28th 2015

Olympics: IOC makes host city contract public; puts Olympic bidding on sale; announces new funding structures; and South Sudan NOC awaiting rubber stamp from IOC

Mark Adams, Director of Communications for the IOC.
Mark Adams, Director of Communications for the IOC.

DR. ERIC C. SCHWARZ at the KUALA LUMPUR CONVENTION CENTER (KLCC) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC)  The opening press briefing on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board meeting took place earlier today.  IOC Director of Communications Mark Adams provided an updated of the proceedings...

Adams announced that the most important part of today's meeting focused on the host city contract for 2022, as he announced that "for the first time the host city contract will be made public on the day of the election of the host city on the 31st of July - and will be available on the IOC website too". 

Changes have been made to the host city contracts over recent times as a result of recommendations articulated in Olympic Agenda 2020.  In addition, Adams noted additional modifications including "new wording on non-discrimination related to the Olympic Games and its participants based on Fundamental Principle 6 of the Olympic Charter, and well as changes on labor law, compliance, and reporting at the end of the Games."

Adams also announced that the 2022 host city can expect a contribution of $880 million USD from the IOC - as well as an increase of the funds from the IOC to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) from $6 million USD to $7.5 million USD.  In addition, the 2024 host city can expect even more in both areas based on further changes related to Olympic Agenda 2020.

Adams also reported that the Executive Board received a report on the future of the bid procedure - to be presented in full this coming September.  The major component of this report is the reduction of the candidature fee from $650,000 USD to $250,000 USD, which would also include a higher level of service from the IOC to encourage additional bids for the Olympic Games in the future.

A report from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) included the announcement that the IOC has matched government funds to create a pool of money in the amount of between $11.5 and $12 million USD for research for anti-doping.  This was one of the first initiatives related to Olympic Agenda 2020.

Adams reported that since Sochi 2014, the IOC has created 18 new partnerships worth $40 billion USD, which will secure the financial sustainability of the Olympic Movement up to 2032.  Adams reiterated that "this represents a significant contribution to long-term financial stability... and that 90% of that amount is redistributed to athletes around the world - which is the equivalent of $3.25 million per day from the IOC to athletes for sport."

Adams reported the Executive Board accepted the applications of kiteboarding and BMX bike as official sports for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina - as well as a recording level of participants in the Games.

The final item presented was that the Executive Board has forwarded a recommendation for the acceptance of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of South Sudan for membership in the IOC.  The vote for acceptance will take place on the 2nd of August.  The motions passed with no opposition,

Upcoming tomorrow at 1400 local time, there will be a press conference held by IOC President Thomas Bach, and Sports Features will be live covering the event. 

DR. ERIC C. SCHWARZ is a tenured Senior Lecturer of Sport Management at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.  He has been an academician for 15 years in the areas of sport business management, international tourism, and hospitality management - with special focus on the areas of sport marketing, sport finance, tourism, and facility/event management.  He speaks globally and is the author of numerous publications in these areas, as well as been actively involved in consulting projects working with a multitude of sport and community organizations ranging from grassroots efforts to hallmark events.  

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