POSTED: July 24th 2015

Olympics: Boston 2024 leadership releases preliminary bid plan

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(SFC) In answer to requests the Boston 2024 Partnership released today the original bid plan that was provided to the U.S. Olympic Committee in December 2014 as their Summer Games submission.

Due to bid city confidentiality agreements parts of it had to be redacted, however this plan has been replaced with the new Bid 2.0 plan that Boston is putting forward.

Boston 2024 and the USOC both issued statements:

Steve Pagliuca, Chairman, Boston 2024, said:

"When I was asked to assume the Chair of Boston 2024 on May 21, I wanted to ensure we ran an open and transparent operation as we developed a fact-based plan to bring privately-financed Olympic and Paralympic Games to Boston. With this commitment to openness and transparency, it was clear that making the preliminary bid package available to the public was simply the right thing to do.  

"Since I became chairman we have created from the bottom up the new Bid 2.0, which has been made public on our website in its entirety. Although initially private due to confidential and competitive concerns, we agree that the public and the City Council ought to be able to review this information. That is why, with the support of Mayor Walsh and the USOC, we are releasing this earlier version of the plan today, as I said we would do at the start of last night's debate. 

"The preliminary bid book was intended to serve as a 'proof of concept' - a general demonstration that Boston can, in fact, serve as host city. While it served that purpose well, it was not meant to be a final or operable plan. With extensive community input, we released an updated plan on June 29 for hosting the Games, and, with the benefit of continued community engagement, we're confident our bid will continue to evolve and improve."

Scott Blackmun, CEO, U.S. Olympic Committee, said:

"The Board of the USOC was very impressed by the vision that Boston 2024 presented last year to host a compact, sustainable Games that would leave a positive legacy for Boston and the Olympic movement. Once we chose Boston and the decision was made to release Bid 1.0 - something that had not been done during prior active bid processes - we worked with Boston 2024 leadership at the time to redact certain information in the interests of the bid's competitiveness and confidentiality. 

"We have learned much from the Boston bid and in many ways it will set the stage for a more transparent bid process for future Games, consistent with the principles of Olympic Agenda 2020. We now are focused on Bid 2.0 and have again been impressed as Boston 2024 has moved from the initial vision and created a fact-based plan based on robust community engagement.  We don't believe there has been a bid in the past that has created such a detailed plan at such an early stage in the process. 

"We remain supportive of Boston 2024's progress and look forward to partnering with Steve, the team and the Boston community to bring the Games back to the U.S. through a process and plan that Boston and the Olympic movement will be proud of."

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