POSTED: July 21st 2015

World Archery launches modern, content driven new website

CHAD MARINO (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) World Archery has launched its brand new website today which has been reconstructed to be a more user-friendly and content driven site. The new site will provide the millions of Archery fans around the globe access to the latest news, statistics and information about the sport.

Many of the features of the existing website have been revamped while new search engines have also been installed allowing users to efficiently access information about their favorite athletes, records, rankings and upcoming events. The vibrant modern layout of the new website is a reflection of the sports youthful fan base, and World Archery's commitment to engaging with young people throughout the world.

The constitutional and informational areas of the old website have been moved to an extranet which will make it easier for member associates to access this date, while avoiding confusion for public who are accessing the site. This was done in an attempt to produce an immersive, cross-platform content experience.

The new site provides extensive information about the athletes, the structure of the sport and tips for anyone interested in getting involved. The federation is aiming to make it easy for anyone who is willing, to have the opportunity to participate in archery- as an athlete or fan.

World Archery President Dr. Ugur Erdener said: "Archery is one of the world's most ancient sports but it is also a sport which is constantly evolving and embracing the very latest technology. It is important that our website reflects this. As our sport continues to grow worldwide and more and more people are attracted to the sport our website becomes more important than ever."

"For our athletes, millions of fans, sponsors and the international media, our website is a vital resource, which complements the extensive and growing television coverage archery receives worldwide, and so we have an obligation to ensure it is as comprehensive and accessible as possible."

"The new website ensures that all the information they need is at their fingertips and I am sure that, along with our many social media platforms, it will allow us to improve the way we communicate with all of our key stakeholders."

** CHAD MARINO is a student at Saint Leo University and is studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Sport Business. He has a background in Lacrosse and has done commentary and videotaping of the Saint Leo Lacrosse Team. His passion is sports media.

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