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Olympics: Accommodation Plan is a key asset to Almaty 2022's bid plans

Almaty embodies the characteristics of a true winter city © Almaty 2022
Almaty embodies the characteristics of a true winter city © Almaty 2022

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The city of Almaty has spent the last two years in a bidding race to host the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Almaty is excited and ready to welcome the international community to its magnificent city. As Kazakhstan's largest city, Almaty has seen a rapid growth in their tourism sector. It's one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in Central Asia with almost 11% annual growth rates in hotel rooms.

With picturesque mountains, vibrant Kazakh culture, world-class resorts, and newly developed casino and entertainment resorts, Almaty attracts visitors from all over the globe. The city also continues to see tourism increases through hosting major international winter sports events and other major events including International Ski Federation (FIS) World Championships, the 2011 Winter Asian Games, International Skating Union (ISU) World Championships, and the 28th Winter Universiade in 2017.

To meet the growing needs of Almaty's many visitors and fast growing domestic population, they have developed a robust accommodation plan. Working closely with the city, Almaty 2022 has worked to fit the city's bid to fit perfectly with the long-term objectives of Almaty.

President of Kazakhstan Tourism Association, Rosa Assanbayeva stated, "Tourist arrivals to Almaty have been steadily growing over the past years. Besides housing for the city's growing population, the demand for hotels across all categories is rising. The Almaty 2022 Games Accommodation plan is in line with our long-term city development plan."

Furthermore, the city of Almaty has secured legally binding contracts for more than 31,000 rooms from city authorizes, real estate developers, and hotel owners.  

Almaty's accommodation plan entails:

·         15,475 rooms in newly built serviced apartments, which will include National Olympic Committee (NOC) and International Federation (IF) serviced apartments.

·         5,175 rooms in existing wellness resorts and hotels in all categories that include 1,000 rooms in International Olympic Committee (IOC) hotels in the Olympic City.

·         10,580 rooms for the Olympic Family in dedicated Villages.

Mayor of Almaty city, Akhmetzhan Yessimov expressed, Almaty's guarantees exceed all IOC requirements. All client groups will find comfortable accommodation in our city across all categories - from 5-star hotels to university residences for low-budget visitors. All rooms are either already built, under construction, planned or guaranteed by individual contracts."

Mayor Yessimov added, "However, there is much more to our beautiful city then first-class accommodations. Almaty will also offer all visitors a unique Winter Games experience with its stunning nature, perfect winter conditions, hospitable people and a multi-cultural lifestyle. All guests will rest easy knowing that our compact Games Plan allows for quick and easy travel to all sporting events, and will awaken to invigorating views of Almaty's stunning backdrops and snow-capped mountains right from their rooms."

When it comes to spectators, Almaty offers a diverse array of choices from twenty-five thousand options, which are already existing or guaranteed by contracts. These include rooms in planned and existing resorts and hotels. Low budget visitors will have nearly 7,500 guaranteed university residences to choose from, along with guaranteed apartment hotels for after the Games for residential housing.  

Almaty will be able to draw Kazakhstan's experience of hosting large events that will ensure the accommodation plan is successful. With Almaty's experience in hosting events, the city has adopted the latest building techniques to give visitors the best possible experience.

Vice-Chairman of Almaty 2022 Bid Committee, Mr Andrey Kryukov commented,  

"Our guarantees and strong track record of delivering major events is further proof that Almaty is ready to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. It also proves that our vision for a sensible, affordable and sustainable Winter Games is real. This is just another example of what we mean by Keeping It Real, and we are excited to share this vision with the Olympic Movement and the world."

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