POSTED: July 8th 2015

Olympics: Budapest 2024 bid approved by Hungarian Parliament to join the Summer Games race

A view of the Hungarian Parliament ©  Bigstock
A view of the Hungarian Parliament © Bigstock

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(SFC) Budapest has cleared the final hurdle as the Hungarian Parliament has approved their bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. The bill was passed yesterday, 151 to 30, during the Hungarian National Assembly. This was the final step in the national application process as the bid has already been approved by the Budapest city council and the Hungary Olympic Committee.

Head of Hungary's Olympic Committee, Zsolt Borkai told AFP, "Today's vote has an important message: sport brings people together, and it is worth dealing with the idea of organizing the Olympic Games."

During the Assembly, the projected cost of the bid were discussed. It was stated that the bid would only cost an average of 0.5% of the state budget each year. It was pledged that any extra revenues will mostly be spent to develop health sector of Hungary.   

Hungary has never hosted an Olympic Games but has applied numerous times. The last time a bid was submitted was for the 1960 Olympic Games by Budapest. However, Hungary is one of the top swimming nations in the world and will host the 2017 World Swimming Championships.

The city of Budapest officially announced their intention to bid in a declaration letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and IOC President, Thomas Bach as Zsolt Borkai and Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos submitted the letter earlier today.

"The City of Budapest and the Hungarian Olympic Committee wish to participate in the application and bidding process with the aim of selecting the host city" of the 2024 Olympics, stated the letter.

Officials have declared that Hungary is among the ten most successful countries in the Summer Olympics but has yet to host the event. The other nine countries have had the honor of hosting the Summer Olympics previously.

"We also welcome that the IOC is orienting itself to a more economical and sustainable organization of the Olympic Games, by that breaking the monopoly of the largest and wealthiest countries" as hosts, expressed Tarlos and Borkai.

The full submission will be due to the IOC by January 8, 2016. Other cities bidding to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games include Boston, Hamburg, Rome, and Paris.

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