POSTED: May 29th 2015

Lausanne 2020 establishes a youth council for the Youth Olympic Games bid

Lausanne 2020 Youth Council © Lausanne 2020
Lausanne 2020 Youth Council © Lausanne 2020

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Lausanne 2020 has launched an ambitious project to strengthen their bid for the 2020 Youth Olympic Games. Lausanne 2020 established a new Youth Council, which will include students, young professionals, and Swiss elite athletes from the region who are eager to contribute to the future of sport in their country and community.

The highly representative Lausanne 2020 Youth Council allows each member the chance to bring in their individual experiences. The group will add value to the Lausanne 2020 proposals put forward to the municipalities set to organize the event and the Olympic Movement.

The first meeting of the Council took place on May 12th. There are three working groups that will work on three specific themes. After this, all the groups get together to meet again in a plenary session. At this meeting activities and objectives are discussed as a whole.

One group will be the "Culture & Education" group and be made up exclusively of young Swiss athletes who already took part in an edition of the Games. Their function will be to ensure that any proposals made will be relevant to the athletes during the Youth Olympic Games.

Another group will be the "Sport Development" group and will consist exclusively of young elite Swiss athletes, who are either recently retired or in the midst of their careers. The group's function is to enhance Switzerland's elite sport status, improve conditions in the country, so athletes can both practice and study among other things. The group is also responsible for developing concrete proposals to help with their other responsibilities.

Lastly, there is the "Buzz" group, which will include young professionals and students that are already involved in their city's youth council. The group will handle creating ideas to generate a buzz about the Games in the years leading up to it.

The first task given to the entire council is to find a name, which will carry on till 2020 and beyond if Lausanne is chosen.

Secretary General of the Lausanne bid committee, Denis Pittet stated, "The Youth Olympic Games are, by definition, a project for the youth. To give a voice to the youth of the country was an obvious thing to do. If we succeed in convincing the IOC in July, we want these Games to be organized by the youth, for the youth. This Council has a crucial role to play."

Over the next two months, the council members will continue to develop ideas brought forward during the first meeting. The board will be officially integrated into the organizing committee if Lausanne is picked as the host city.

Member of the "Culture and Education" group, Alexia Bonelli said, "I can't wait to see what happens on July 31st in Kuala Lumpur. I had the chance to participate in Innsbruck, and I know how these Games can change a young person's life. I hope from the bottom of my heart that other young people can live this great adventure, and I would be honored to provide my experience from the inside to the organizing committee. Go Lausanne 2020!"

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