POSTED: April 13th 2015

Almaty 2022: The Olympic bid city says goodbye to Winter and welcomes Spring

Shymbulak skiing area has a full house to end the winter season © Almaty 2022
Shymbulak skiing area has a full house to end the winter season © Almaty 2022

The Hawaiian Skiing Party was a big hit with the locals © Almaty 2022
The Hawaiian Skiing Party was a big hit with the locals © Almaty 2022

Citizens in the city stepped in to plant trees © Almaty 2022
Citizens in the city stepped in to plant trees © Almaty 2022

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Almaty has once again demonstrated their slogan of "Keeping it Real," for their bid to host the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. This past weekend, the ski resorts celebrated "Farewell Winter" activities, while the city celebrated "Welcome Spring" activities.

The whole city celebrated the end of winter, and welcomed spring, by taking part in snowboarding and skiing at the world class Shymbulak ski resort. The winter season comes to a close in the Almaty region with a big celebration. The Shymbulak ski resort is only 15 minutes from the city center of Almaty and next to the iconic Medeo skating arena. It would become the training facility for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. This year's fun filled party, that had the motto "Hawaiian Skiing Party," bid farewell to the skiers.

In addition, all snowboarding and skiing was free of charge. A fresh snowfall from a few weeks past was perfect for skiing. The clear and sunny day for the festivities ensured a great "Bikini Race." One of the most entertaining parts of the day was the mass start of the Bikini Race, and thousands gathered at the finish area to enjoy the event by dancing to the music of Almaty's top DJs, or sitting poolside. To bring even more spectators to the resort, hundreds of young people organized flash mobs.

At the same time, Spring was welcomed by the city of Almaty with the traditional "Volunteer Day" that brought together thousands of citizens for the annual planting of trees and cleaning of the city. Citizens planted 4,000 new trees in the city, and the city of Almaty received a cleaning by its citizens. Over 170,000 people participated in the event, which included public figures, artists, athletes, and intellectuals. Under the leadership of Akhmetzhan Yessimov, the Mayor of Almaty, more than 70 trees were planted by the House of Veterans.

Mayor Yessimov stated, "This is a very good indicator that so many Almaty citizens took part in the event. This proves people think about the environment and ecology, care about their beloved city and I am grateful for that."

Furthermore, Mayor Yessimov added that 30,000 trees will be planted annually, as the city Administration looks to continue enhancing the environmental Green City Program.

"This weekend perfectly describes Almaty and its citizens by two events. We all love nature, we all love sport and we all love to have fun and, at the same time, we really take care of our city and our environment. People in the mountains enjoyed a fantastic day with real snow and sun; they were happy and had a great time. Another 170,000 people cleaned the city and planted thousands of new trees. And we do this every year. This gives true meaning to our slogan, "Keeping it Real." Almaty is an eco - friendly city and this creates a healthy environment for sport and for life - for all," said Andrey Kryukov, Vice-Chairman of Almaty 2022.

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