POSTED: April 9th 2015

WCF Portable Curling Facility initiative selected for trial by Turku, Finland

The Portable Curling Facility © OB Wiik
The Portable Curling Facility © OB Wiik

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The World Curling Federations (WCF) first Portable Curling Facility has been selected for a trial by the Finish Curing Association.

The initiative was launched in September 2014 at the World Curling Association, WCF will provide a two sheet Portable Curling Facility (PCF), which is created within an insulated tent, to the CopperHill Curling Club in Turku.

"The WCF has recognized that there is often a threshold in the process of building a dedicated curling facility, especially for new member associations. With that in mind, the WCF has initiated the Portable Curling Facility (PCF) program. The intent of this initiative is to help our member associations overcome the financial barriers of building dedicated places to curl," stated Kate Caithness, WCF President.

She added, "We are delighted to trial this in Turku and are excited to see the benefits it can bring to the sport of curling in this part of Finland. We are confident that Finland can make this initiative work and will look to expand and develop the program over the coming years for other member associations."

A total of 16 projects worldwide was considered, with bids from the USA, Wales, Belgium, Iceland, Brazil, Finland, Bulgaria, Norway, New Zealand, Serbia and Romania.

With the advances in equipment and technology, examples of successful operation in insulated tents for curling clubs, the initiative was developed.

These portable facilities could be a starting point for WCF member associations to progress away from a shared arena environment with other ice sports, to dedicated curling facilities, without having to have a large financial investment that is usually required for such a facility.

One of the driving forces behind the bid, Tero Tahtinen expressed, "The Portable Curling Facility is an amazing opportunity for our club. We have been systematically developing our club, but the fact that we are playing in three different hockey rinks and moving the stones back and forth between them means that we have reached a limit as to how much we can grow. Our target, with the dedicated two sheets, is to become the biggest club in Finland."

Finish Curling Association President, Olli Rissanen commented, "I don't have the words to describe how important this project is for curling in Finland. To keep the sport alive in the long run requires dedicated curling facilities where people of all abilities can play. With this facility, we aim to get many more people involved in curling in Finland."

This announcement comes after Finland's men's curling team finished fourth in Halifax, Canada at the Ford World Men's Curling Championship 2015. This was the first time, since 2003 that they have qualified for the playoffs.

At the ZEN-NOH Women's Curling Championship 2015 in Sapporo, Japan, their women's team finished 11th. Also, earlier this year, their wheelchair team won a bronze medal, which was a first at the World Wheelchair Curling Championship.

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