POSTED: April 3rd 2015

Olympic Agenda 2020: IOC reveals presidential salary and a number of changes put into action

The IOC takes a big step forward for transparency © SFC
The IOC takes a big step forward for transparency © SFC

MARISSA FLANDERS and LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Ethics Commission communicated in a letter to all Members of the IOC the indemnity policy. Revealing publicly the President's annual salary is a ground-breaking step forward for transparency by the organization.

IOC President Thomas Bach will now receive an annual indemnity of €225.000.

IOC members and IOC Honorary members will receive annual administrative support US$7,000.00.

Daily indemnity for the IOC members for all types of meetings (commission, Session, Olympic Games - To cover the time of travel, the day before and after the meetings are compensated) US$450.00.

Daily indemnity for the IOC Commission Chair for their own Commission meetings (to cover the time of travel, the day before and after the meetings are compensated) 2 x US$450.00.

Daily indemnity for the IOC Executive Board members for the Executive Board meetings (to cover the time of travel, the day before and after the meetings are compensated) 2 x US$450.00.

The Commission recommended that the IOC not wait until publication of the annual report, but make this decision public now. Following Olympic Agenda 2020. 

This is just some of the numerous measures regarding compliance and transparency in Olympic Agenda 2020, which have already been implemented. Paquerette Girard Zappelli has been appointed as the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, a newly created position by the IOC. Also, Will Keenan was appointed as Chief Internal Audit Officer. The IOC is addressing the issues of good governance, by having positions in place and all the regulations. 

In addition, the IOC will be audited externally according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), even though this is not legally required. The Ethics Commission has also reviewed their Code of Ethics according to recommendation 32 of the Olympic Agenda 2020.

The IOC has already implemented a number of Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations, including: 

• An Invitation Phase was introduced in the bidding process, per recommendation one. 

• Key opportunities and risk for the 2022 Olympic Games are being assessed by the Evaluation Commission, pre recommendation two.

• Measures have been applied to reduce the costs of bidding, per recommendation three. 

• Tokyo 2020 revised their budget to save 1 billion USD making the Games more feasible and sustainable, per recommendation four. 

• Procedures for the proposal of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, concerning the addition of one or more have been established and a timeline set, per recommendation 10. 

• From the 2016 Games on, the role of the International Sports Federations has been enchanted for the delivery of the Olympic competitions, per recommendation 13.

• The 6th Fundamental Principle of Olympism now includes non-discrimination on sexual orientation, per recommendation 14.

• A special fund of 20 million USD has been set up by the IOC with regard to better protection for clean athletes. Three projects have been approved and 12 governments have promised to contribute an additional 5.9 million USD. Also, a prevention program is under way in cooperation with INTERPOL. All this falls under recommendation 16.

• On April 13, Organization of the International Forum for Sports Integrity (IFSI) will take place with the participation of INTERPOL, Europol, governments, Olympic stakeholders, UN agencies, sports betting entities, EU Council of Europe and others (recommendation 16).

• The Olympic Channel's organizational and management structure has been approved along with the creation of the Olympic Channel Services (OCS) S.A. in Switzerland, per recommendation 19.

• Close cooperation with NGOs has already started for the IOC. Meetings have taken place with different organizations including: Human Rights Watch, The Committee to Protect Journalists, Transparency International and the International Trade Union Confederation (recommendation 20). 

• Meetings have taken place with UNESCO, along with a new UNESCO charter on Physical Education and Physical Activity and Sport, per recommendation 22.

• TOP Partners summit was held (recommendation 33 and 35). 

• Taking place in 2017 in Lima, Peru the first IOC "Olympism in Action" Congress (recommendation 39). 

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