POSTED: March 19th 2015

Rio 2016 announces 44 Olympic and Paralympic test events for upcoming Games

CHAD MARINO / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The organizing committee for the Olympic and Paralympic 2016 Games recently announced the calendar for 44 additional test events to be held in preparation for the upcoming Games.  The program will include 34 Olympic related events, 6 Paralympic events, and 4 test events that will be included both the Olympic and Paralympic games. Approximately 7,800 athletes and 16,000 volunteers will get a sneak peak of the host city and an opportunity to participate in the test events, which will span over 156 days of competition.

Competitions will be carried out in three separate clusters throughout the 156 days. The first cluster will be between July and October 2015, focusing on outdoor events. The second, from November 2015 to February 2016, will be more focused on indoor events, while the last, between March and May 2016 will be time used to finalize preparations for the Games.

Agberto Guimarães, Rio 2016 Executive Director of Sport and Paralympic Integration, said regarding the new events, "We have worked closely together with the sport federations to develop a test event calendar that will offer the best opportunity to carry out the vital testing and training required to prepare for the Games. I have no doubt we will learn many important lessons from the test events, which we will use to ensure we deliver the highest level of service possible at Games time. Just like the athletes, the organizing committee is in training, gaining experience and aiming to reach peak performance in August and September 2016."

Volleyball will kick start the new events in 2015 with the FIVB World League Finals taking place from 14-19 July in the Maracanãzinho. That will be followed up by six events in August including a triathlon in Copacabana, The World Rowing Junior Championships in Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, and an equestrian event that will be hosted at the Olympic Equestrian Centre in Deodoro.

This events will provide a good opportunity get a feel for the venues and results systems, as well as integrate all the relevant stakeholders. It will also provide the proper training for the people who will be responsible for running the events during the actual games.

Delphine Moulin, Rio 2016 Test Events General Manager, said:  "Test events are a crucial part of the preparations for staging Olympic and Paralympic Games, allowing the organizing committee and its partners - in particular the International Sports Federations and government partners - to test all aspects of venue operations."  

Some events will be organized by the Rio 2016 organizing committee, while others will be organized by the respective International Sports Federations, weather that be the Brazilian Federations or the Brazilian Paralympic Committee. Rio 2016 will also be responsible for testing specific events.

Events like gymnastics and triathlon will provide direct qualification opportunities into the Rio 2016 Games. Other events such as badminton, shooting and athletics offer the chance for athletes to gain ranking points which could lead to qualification. Some of these events will not be open to spectators, but others will be available with ticket sales. Certain events will be open for public viewing without ticket requirements in the Copacabana region, such as such as triathlon, sailing, marathon swimming and road cycling.

There will be 45 events in total by the time the program ends in May 2016. The Aquece Rio International Sailing Regatta in August 2014 kicked off the first of many Rio 2016 test events.

** CHAD MARINO is a student at Saint Leo University and is studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Sport Business. He has a background in Lacrosse and has done commentary and videotaping of the Saint Leo Lacrosse Team. His passion is sports media.

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