POSTED: March 13th 2015

Beijing 2022 announce new high-speed railway and Jackie Chan to do theme song

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(SFC) Beijing 2022 has made some important announcements recently, aimed at improving their chances of winning the bid to host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. Beijing is competing against Almaty for the rights to host the Olympics.

To start, Zhu Huigang, the Beijing Railway Bureau Vice-Chief Executive, announced that the construction of a new high-speed railway line will begin this year. The new high-speed railway will connect China's Capital city with Zhanjiakou. 

The line will be 108 miles long (174 kilometers) with nine stations between Beijing at the North end and Zhangjiakou at the South end. It is expected to be completed by 2019, which will mean that it will have been operating for over two years by the time the 2022 Games commence. Currently, it would take at least three hours to travel between the two cities, but the new railway line would reduce that time to only 50 minutes. Zhangjiakou is set to co-host with Beijing, if the bid goes in their favor. Zhangjiakou is the planned venue for snowboarding, Nordic events and freestyle skiing. It will also house the Mountain Media Center, the second International Broadcast Center, the third Olympic Village, and hotels. 

On another side of things, it was announced that veteran actor, and one of the best known figures in China, Jackie Chan, is recording the theme song for the bid. Presently, he is recording the "official theme song" for the Beijing 2022 bid called, "Wake up Winter." The first people to officially hear the song will be the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission during their March 24-28 visit. 

Songwriter, Wang Jiuping stated, "'Wake up Winter' is actually a call to people around the world with an incessant eagerness for the Olympic Spirit, and a longing for friendship between people and countries."

In addition, Zhao Jialin, a main composer of the hit "Little Apple," which was China's most popular song last year, has also been involved.  

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