POSTED: March 12th 2015

Hamburg takes the lead as the people's favorite for a German Olympic Bid

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications 

(SFC) A bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024/28 by Berlin or Hamburg has been on the horizons. To aid in their decision, the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) recently conducted a survey for both Berlin and Hamburg. In September of last year, a survey, with almost identical questions, was conducted. The results, of the more recent survey, were published by the DOSB on Tuesday. By telephone, 1,500 inhabitants of the two cities, were asked their opinion on the application plans. 

The February survey had expectations of 82 percent of Hamburg residents, and 81 percent of Berlin residents, favoring Germany hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This showed a significant amount above the average, which was measured in numerous surveys of German citizens. 

In actuality, the poll showed that a majority of people were in favor of the project, but with varied degrees. 55 percent of respondents in Berlin favored the application, where in September it was only 48 percent. While in Hamburg, 64 percent were in favor of the project. That is 11 points above the 53 percent recorded in September. Both cities experienced increases in favorability for the application. As for those who rejected the project, both cities experienced a decline. Berlin dropped from 49 percent, to 39 percent, and Hamburg fell from 44 percent, to 32 percent. 

Also, one survey question asked was, "Regardless of personal opinion: Do you believe that the majority of the Berlin / Hamburg residents are for, or against, application of the city to host the Olympic Games." On this one question 77 percent in Hamburg believed that the majority in their city was in favor, where it had been 56 percent in September. As for Berlin, 50 percent believed that a majority were in favor, where in September it was only 44 percent. 

DOSB president Alfons Hörmann commented on the survey results: "We are delighted with the huge acceptance of Olympic and Paralympic Games, and especially the fact that there were increases in the specific question candidates in both cities. We have felt locally, that the climate of opinion has developed positively. Now we have a good basis for further decision-making process." 

The computer-assisted telephone survey was held from February 16-22 in Berlin and from February 19-27 in Hamburg. 

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