POSTED: March 8th 2015

HRH Prince Feisal celebrates International Women's Day by calling for gender equality

Lana Al Jaghbeer, JOC Secretary General, and President of the Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC), HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein / JOC
Lana Al Jaghbeer, JOC Secretary General, and President of the Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC), HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein / JOC

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications 

(SFC) Today, the President of the Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC), HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein called for all girls and women, around the globe, and in Jordan, to embrace sport, both on and off the field of play. Thus, showing his passion for a stronger female participation in sport. He is also a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Women and Sport Commission. 

Marking the annual International Women's Day, which is a global celebration, HRH Prince Feisal expressed how sport can give confidence to girls and women. A confidence that leads them to become leaders and helps them adopt a healthy, active lifestyle. 

"Sport improves people's strength, health and confidence. There is a proven link between participation in sport and leadership skills and the Jordan Olympic Committee is committed to encouraging both of these things in our young female population," stated HRH Prince Feisal. 

In addition, in Jordan around 86% of women over the age of 25 are either overweight or obese. It shows an emphasis on television being the most important activity among young people (46% female and 41% male) from 10-24 years. This is a critical time for Jordan to promote a healthy lifestyle and sport participation. 

HRH Prince Feisal went on to add, "On International Women's Day we should acknowledge the progress that has undoubtedly been made in the Olympic Movement to promote gender equality in sport. However, there is still much more that can and will be done. A 'lack of exercise' and 'bad diet' are at the heart of Jordan's health issues - particularly among girls and women. We must continue to educate - from grassroots up - the positive effects of sport and physical activity and encourage more girls and women to get active and embrace sport."

Lana Al Jaghbeer, JOC Secretary General, the only female National Olympic Committee (NOC) Secretary General in Asia commented, "It is a privilege to be playing a part in the Olympic Movement's commitment to universality. However, there needs to be a greater emphasis on generating more female leaders in the Olympic Movement. To become the leaders of tomorrow, I encourage young girls and women to be confident, take part, and chase your dreams."

Promoting healthier lifestyles among all Jordanians through the use of sport is part of the JOC's Living Sport communications plan. The JOC is responsible for the managing sport within the Kingdom, and is the umbrella organization for sport in Jordan, which includes their 32 national sporting federations.  

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