POSTED: March 7th 2015

6 April community mobilized by Peace and Sport

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) 6 April has become an annual engagement for the sports world, since it was launched by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the United Nations (UN) in late 2013. With only a month to go, the second International Day of Sport for Development and Peace has Peace and Sport gears up for the event. Supporters and stakeholders of the peace through sport movement are being urged to mobilize their efforts for this major event. 

The organization is leading two initiatives, to engage as many people as possible. First, they are re-launching the online platform Thus, bringing together and promoting all the events and actions that will be held to celebrate 6 April. Peace and Sport's online platform brought together 350 projects across 90 countries, during its first year. 

Also, a massive social media campaign, #WhiteCard, has been launched. The "White Card" is a symbolic initiative to honor the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. During the first year of the campaign, Champions for Peace like Sergey Bubka, Yelena Isinbayevea, and Paula Radcliffe participated. Nearly three million internet users were reached through the organization's #WhiteCard social media campaign. 

To show your support for 6 April, Peace and Sport invites people from all over the world to rally behind the symbol of a white card, showing your commitment to peace efforts all worldwide. White Card gives those a chance to demonstrate their support for the peace through sport movement, whether or not you register a project at 

"6 April is an opportunity for the peace through sport movement to build better recognition among the general public. Gradually, sport is gaining more authority and policy makers are becoming aware of its capacity to address problems in society. Every day, new stakeholders are joining our movement, confident that sport can make a difference. Our focus is to firmly establish 6 April - International Day of Sport for Development and Peace - as an event capable of mobilizing not just the international sports community, but also the peace movement," stated Joel Bouzou, President and Founder of Peace and Sport. 

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