POSTED: March 7th 2015

IOC President Bach address NOC Congress in Denmark - Can sport save the world?

IOC President Thomas Bach / IOC
IOC President Thomas Bach / IOC

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) During its Congress in Copenhagen, Thursday, the Danish National Olympic Committee welcomed International Olympic Committee (IOC) President, Thomas Bach. 

Those also in attendance with the IOC President were: IOC member, President of the Danish National Olympic Committee and Sports Confereration, Niels Nygaard; Danish Minister of Cultural Affairs, Marianne Jelved; and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. 

President Bach spoke to the audience saying, "Sport can neither save the world alone, nor can it alone make the world a better and peaceful place. But sport has the power to contribute to a better harmonious and peaceful world."

He made it clear that, "Choosing a host city does not mean that the IOC necessarily agrees with the political or the legal system in the host country.  It means however that in every country where we organize an Olympic Games we want to send the strong message of tolerance, respect and fair play as well as the compliance with all the values of the Olympic Charter for all participants at the Olympic Games."

Bach went on to talk about Olympic Agenda 2020, which is a strategic roadmap for the Olympic Movement's future. He told the audience that numerous recommendations have already been implemented, just eight weeks after Olympic Agenda 2020 was unanimously agreed upon by the IOC members at the 127th Session in Monaco. 

In addition, IOC financial statements are audited and prepared according IFRS standards, which standards are higher than those that are legally required. Also, the IOC has produced an annual activity report that includes the allowance policy for IOC members. The IOC distributes 90% of its revenues to sporting movements and to the athletes, as shown in the transparency report. 

"We are always working for building bridges and never for erecting walls, that we follow this call for tolerance and solidarity," stated Bach to the Congress. 

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