POSTED: February 10th 2015

Sports Travel: Korean Air steps up their Prestige Class with new Prestige Suite

Korean Air's 'Prestige Suites' / Korean Air
Korean Air's 'Prestige Suites' / Korean Air

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Korean Air has made long strides to provide a high-end luxury service for their premium customers, and they have made another step in the right direction. The airline has unveiled their newly revamped prestige class, which will be equipped with a new 'Prestige Suites.' This will provide a new level of comfort in the prestige class cabin for the airline's premium customers. 

The 'Prestige Suites,' which showcase the privacy and comfort provided to its premium customers, will debut on a Korean Air A330-300 on the Hanoi, Guangzhou, and Singapore routes. Korean Air has 38 aircrafts on order, which includes 12 B777-300ERs, six A330-300s, ten B787-9s, and ten B747-8s, which will be equipped with these new seats.

These new 'Prestige Suites' will optimize the available space to offer privacy, and to provide each passenger with the maximum amount of comfort. It will give customers the ultimate in comfort and space, while still being able to offer privacy when required. The newly innovative armrest automatically slides down to allow the seat to lie back flat in a bed-mode, which has been increased to a width of 22.5 inches from the previous 21 inches.

In addition, privacy panels have been put into place between the seats, with those in the aisle seats being able to rise higher to increase passengers' privacy. Also, every seat will have an ottoman which can be used to rest their feet on, or to have family members or work colleagues be able to sit on, to talk.

The seats have been configured to allow passengers who have a window seat to pass into the aisle without disturbing the aisle passengers. The pitch between the seats has even increased on the window side by 12 inches to 87 inches from the previous design.

The 'Prestige Suite' will have a state-of-the-art inflight entertainment system that provides what is called 'Smart' inflight entertainment, with a 'smartphone' style handset. A wide range of content will be provided for passengers. Each handset has a touchpad that is similar to using a smart phone. The handset screen menu has a function where passengers can choose between a movie, game, music, or information service. Passengers can even watch the inflight airshow with plenty of flight information including, the aircraft's current location, while still watching movies. Also, the inflight entertainment system monitors have been upgraded to include a capacitive touch screen, beautiful resolution, and has been expanded to 17 inches.

Korean Air has plans to introduce a new first class in 2015 to compliment the 'Prestige' class. This will bring stylish design, spaciousness, and comfort, to a whole new level for their premium customers to experience. Korean Air wants to offer unparalleled customer services by continuing their efforts to offer new premium seats, in addition to becoming a leading global carrier.

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