POSTED: January 21st 2015

Approximately $50 million to redo the Olympic stadium for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Fisht Stadium was home to the opening and closing ceremonies for Sochi 2014 / Ivanaivanova Wikimedia Commons
Fisht Stadium was home to the opening and closing ceremonies for Sochi 2014 / Ivanaivanova Wikimedia Commons

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(SFC) Itar-Tass news agency reports that after spending approximately US$270 million to build the spectacular Olympic Stadium organizers for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup will now spend around US$50 million to take the roof off of the facility.

The Krasnodor government will be in charge of taking care of the venue modification as a spokesman explained to Itar-Tass since FIFA doesn't allow for the venues to be covered. Therefor two white awnings over the western and eastern sides will be left remaining. The remodeling must be completed by June 2016 according to Itar-Tass.

The stadium was already only partially closed as the roof had a lot of open air areas on each end that allowed for the entrance and exit of huge floats for the Sochi opening and closing ceremonies. A number of special cables were added to the top to facilitate the complicated orchestration of the movements of the various floats and hanging scenes that will now all be removed.  

Sochi hosted the winter Olympics last year and is one of the 11 chosen cities to host the FIFA World Cup in three years' time. After the budget of the Sochi Games was reported to have inflated up to US$51 billion, a far cry from its original US$12 billion, many cities have shied away from the idea of hosting large world events.  Sochi has become known as the most expensive Olympics in history and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) felt the pressure to downsize the financial responsibilities after a number of cities fell out of the 2024 bid race leaving only Beijing and Almaty to run a two horse race.

Reuters news estimates that the costs for the FIFA World Cup could hit US$10 billion for Russia. 

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