POSTED: December 15th 2014

Rio 2016 Olympic Mascots named after two famous Brazilian musicians Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim

The impact of Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim are still in the hearts and minds of the public to win the vote / Rio 2016
The impact of Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim are still in the hearts and minds of the public to win the vote / Rio 2016

CHAD MARINO / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The Mascots who will represent the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games have been determined respectively to be Vinicius and Tom. 

After three weeks of popular public vote and 323.327 votes, 44% of the voters chose to honor Brazilian musicians Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim. 

The two are famous for their involvement with Bossa Nova, a movement that made everyone aware the carioca beauties of Rio de Janeiro through song. They were the creators of The Girl from Ipanema, one of the most familiar songs in the world. 

According to the President of the Organizing Committee for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, the public made the right choice. 

Nuzman said "The names of Vinicius and Tom are recognized worldwide as a synonym for excellence, which is in line with what we want to achieve with the Rio 2016 Games. 

"In addition to representing the Brazilian fauna and flora, our mascots also connect to the best of our music. We are certain that they will be an inspiration to the youth," The choice of the names Vinicius and Tom adds an extra component of Brazilian culture to our mascots. 

“As Ambassadors, the role of the mascots is to share the messages of the event and the values ​​of the Olympic and Paralympic movements to various audiences, especially children and youth,” said Beth Lula, Brand Director for Rio 2016.

The Olympic Mascot, Vinicius, represents all the types of animals that are indigenous to Rio. It combines the agility of cats, the sway of monkeys and the grace of birds. 

He can stretch his arms and legs as much as he wants. This allows him to jump higher, run faster, and become stronger. He has a very acute sense of smell, with a nose for adventure, and amazing powers of hearing, which allows him to find the liveliest fans. He practices all Olympic sports; he is the hyper-connected type with friends all around the world.

On the other hand the Paralympic Mascot, Tom, combines a unique mixture of the Brazilian Flora. He is able to constantly transform, with determination and joy for growing and overcoming obstacles. In addition to practicing Paralympic sports, he is frequently on the move. He believes there is no obstacle too hard to overcome. He can pull anything from his big head of leaves to solve even the hairiest of problems. As the ambassador of the Paralympic Games, he will teach others to strive for their best.

The mascots are expected to help generate around $400 million in proceeds for the organizing committee through merchandise that will will be branded with the Rio 2016 Games official look and style.

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