POSTED: December 13th 2014

Olympic Agenda 2020 Turns to Implementation

The focus goes back to the IOC now to figure out how to implement Agenda 2020
The focus goes back to the IOC now to figure out how to implement Agenda 2020

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session gave its unanimous approval of the 40 recommendations that make up Olympic Agenda 2020. Now, it becomes time to turn the focus from decision, to implementation.

To begin implementation, the IOC President Thomas Bach chaired meetings on December 11th, at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne. This was to start the process of implementing a number of recommendations, like the bid process of the Olympic Games (Recommendation 1), and the launch of an Olympic Channel (Recommendation 19).

“Following the success of the IOC Session in Monaco and the unanimous endorsement of my fellow IOC members for the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations, it is critical that we utilize the momentum and energy we have created throughout the Olympic Movement and start implementing straight away,” stated IOC President Thomas Bach.

Starting with the bid process for the Olympic Games 2024, which will open on January 15, 2015, the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations will be applied. There will be a new invitation phase, which will be offered to the interested cities, to allow them to discuss their initial interest with the IOC.

Even though the Olympic Winter Games 2022 bid process is underway, elements of Olympic Agenda 2020 will be put into action wherever possible. The IOC will take special regard to the recommendations, which will help bid cities in ensuring a sustainable legacy and reducing costs.

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, took part in the year long consultation process and was a part of the Olympic Agenda 2020 Working Group on "Olympism in Action." He commented, saying, “I’m happy to have participated, and very much looking forward to seeing the IOC put its new initiatives into action. It’s an exciting time for technology and the Olympic Movement. I was pleased to see the IOC, a more than 100-year-old organization, take the initiative and open itself to fresh ideas as it looked ahead to the year 2020.”

After a meeting on the Olympic Channel launch, Bach highlighted how important the Channel will be for providing a chance to promote Olympic sports, athletes, and the Olympic values beyond the period of the Games. He said, “Interest in the Olympic Games is higher now than ever, and recent editions have enjoyed record broadcast audiences around the world. The idea of the Channel is to harness this interest and extend it beyond the Games, in a way that will engage audiences, especially young audiences, in the power of what sport can do.”

Attending the Olympic Channel meeting, as a special adviser, Dick Ebersol added, “More than 20 years ago in conversations with the then IOC leadership, we talked about a mutual dream of creating a year-round Olympic channel. I wholeheartedly applaud President Bach’s vision and successful initiative this week in bringing it to fruition. The media landscape has changed enormously in recent years, in particular with the uptake of digital media. There is much more opportunity today to reach and connect with audiences everywhere on earth, in particular young people. I jumped at this opportunity to be involved on one condition…that my role be unpaid, as I want to repay in some small way the joy the Olympics have given me since childhood.”

The implementation of launching the Olympic Channel follows a feasibility study, conducted prior to the Olympic Agenda 2020 vote, and the unanimous approval by the IOC Session. Produced by OBS, the Channel will first to present a worldwide digital offering, but other tradition TV distribution opportunities will be assessed, as they arise. 

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