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Olympic Agenda 2020 Fully Acknowledged by Beijing 2020

Delegation of senior officials at 127th IOC Session / Beijing 2022
Delegation of senior officials at 127th IOC Session / Beijing 2022

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(SFC) A delegation of senior officials was led to Monaco to attend the 127th International Olympic Committee (IOC) Extraordinary Session by the Chairman of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Bid Committee, and Mayor of Beijing, Wang Anshun. The IOC members voted on the 40 recommendations of the Olympic Agenda 2020 during this historic Session, which would impact the future of the Olympic Movement.

“Since the start of the 2022 Bid process, the Beijing 2022 Bid Committee has been paying close attention to all developments related to the Olympic Agenda 2020, and strongly supports all its recommendations. We highly appreciate the IOC’s approach, and will work to implement these reforms,” stated Madame Wang Hui, spokesperson and Director of the Media and Communications department of the Beijing 2022 Bid.

The Beijing 2022 Bid's concept is in full compliance with the objectives and vision of the Olympic Agenda 2020, which is to run a sustainable, economically efficient, and athlete-centered Games. They will continue to work hard to implement the Agenda 2020 reforms into their concept, along with actively safeguarding the uniqueness of the Olympic Games,. and, in addition, keeping the Olympic Movement vibrant, and strengthen the place of sport in society.

Beijing 2022 wants to make the Games experience convenient for the athletes, as part of their athlete-centered concept,to create conditions in, which every athlete will be able to deliver their best performance during the Games., The Beijing 2022 concept will provide a high level of service in many areas. Some of these areas will be competition accommodation, training, catering, healthcare, transportation, and cultural exchange.

In addition, the Olympic Agenda 2020 will also adhere to the sustainability concept through long-term environmental improvement, and social/economic development of the city. The Olympic Agenda 2020 will accomplish this by embodying themselves in the Bid and preparations for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Aiming to set an example to all, Beijing 2022 is to showcase a fruitful relationship between the Host City and the Olympic Family, while creating an unprecedented lasting and positive legacy, both for civil society, and the Olympic Movement.

Futhermore, Beijing 2022 is putting a strong focus on adhering to the economic efficiency concept. through integrating venue construction, Ceremonies and cultural/sports events in the city's and area's development plan, and the Games' operations. Thus, aiming to optimize marketing operations, by complying with international standards and setting standards for venues and sports events, along with carefully monitoring and developing the budgets associated with these elements. With this, Beijing 2022 will be able to carry out a successful Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, while also maximizing the benefits for the Chinese population, and even reducing costs.

More importantly, the Beijing 2022 Bid has the full support of the Chinese government at all levels, which provides them with a solid foundation, as China is an economically prosperous country. The Bid also has the advantage of having the passion of 1.3 billion Chinese people behind them, along with a large number of world class venues. Also important, is  China’s experience in hosting major international sporting events, their talent pool, and economic strength. All this combines to provide a joyful, and well organized, Winter Games to the entire world.

The 2022 host city will be selected by the IOC at the 128th IOC Session, which will be held on July 31, 2015, at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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