POSTED: November 29th 2014

The Jordan Olympic Committee visits a special initiative for orphaned children

The Jordan Swimming Federation (JSF), British Swimming and UK Sport area working together for the children / JSF
The Jordan Swimming Federation (JSF), British Swimming and UK Sport area working together for the children / JSF

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The Jordan Olympic Committee is excited to hear about an initiative, in the northern city of Irbid, has transformed the lives of many young orphans.

The Jordan Swimming Federation (JSF) decided to join with the British Swimming and UK Sport, helping develop children's swimming from the age of three. The program funds the services of British coaches, to provide training to their Jordanian counterparts. They help in developing the children's swimming skills, implementing new techniques and drills. Thus, nurturing them through to the National level and maybe one day for the Olympics.

"What is happening in Irbid is truly an inspiring story, explained JSF's Ibrahim Naddeh.

 He continued saying, "Coach Faisal (Hourani) and Al Hassan Sports City have embraced the National Swimming Program and made it available to orphans from the SOS charity and it has really helped to transform their lives.”

 The Jordan Olympic Committee was excited to visit such an initiative and see what all the fuss was about. 

While there, the pool was full of encouragement, laughter, and everyone was helping each other out. Even children at the age of three were helping out others. More than 30 of the children in the program, have started out with very little in life, even going without parents. Some started the program without knowing how to swim.

It's without a doubt, the program is making a huge impact on their young lives.

Coach Feisal stated, "It is helping them develop as human beings...I received a call from a teacher at the school thanking us for the Program because it is making a huge difference in their education and behavior. She said that one of the boys was being naughty and picking on a small child, so she told him ‘no more swimming’. The boy reacted by promising to behave and is now looking after the boy he had picked on!”

Many things have come together to make this all possible. Al Hassan Sports Youth City is providing the pool for free. Coach Faisal said the gesture makes everything possible, all thanks to the Manager, Rashad Al Zoubi. Their coaches donate their free time and swimmers are provided costumes and equipment, which have been donated.

 As for the future, Coach Faisal said,  "Three or four of these swimmers are showing technique and ability that could lead to national team selection without a doubt."

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