POSTED: November 18th 2014

The ICAS announces new council and USOC CEO Blackmun makes the list

USOC CEO Scott Blackmun joins the prestigious group / Team USA
USOC CEO Scott Blackmun joins the prestigious group / Team USA

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(SFC) The newly appointed council members were announced today by the International Council of Arbitration of Sport (ICAS) for its next four-year term, which begins on January 1, 2015. The elections were during the 42nd ICAS Meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland on November 13.

The ICAS is a governing body, which manages the administration and finances of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The ICAS is made up of twenty active lawyers or international judges in the judiciary, international arbitration, and sports administration. In addition, their membership is composed of six former international athletes, of which four are Olympians.

Based in Lausanne, the CAS is an independent institution, which resolves legal disputes in the field of sport using arbitration and mediation. All Olympic sports federations and many non-Olympic federations recognize their jurisdiction. Over 400 cases are registered each year by the CAS.

Along with the twelve re-elected members, the ICAS welcomed eight new members, which included the Chief Executive Officer of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Mr. Scott Blackmun.

Listed below are the re-elected members along with the newly elected members:

Re-elected members:

⦁ Mrs. Tjasa Andrée-Prosenc (Slovenia)

⦁ Mr. Patrick Baumann (Switzerland)

⦁ Mr. John D. Coates (Australia)

⦁ Ms. Moya Dodd (Australia)

⦁ H.E. Judge Nabil Elaraby (Egypt)

⦁ Judge Ivo Eusebio (Switzerland)

⦁ Mr. Michael B. Lenard (USA)

⦁ Judge Ellen Gracie Northfleet (Brazil)

⦁ Mr. Göran Petersson (Sweden)

⦁ Mr. Richard W. Pound (Canada)

⦁ Ms. Corinne Schmidhauser (Switzerland)

⦁ Ms. Tricia C.M. Smith (Canada)

New members:

⦁ Dr. Abdullah Al Hayyan (Kuwait)

⦁ Mr. Scott Blackmun (USA)

⦁ Ms. Alexandra Brilliantova (Russia)

⦁ Mr. Miguel Cardenal Carro (Spain)

⦁ Ms. Carole Malinvaud (France)

⦁ Justice Yvonne Mokgoro (South Africa)

⦁ Justice Wilhelmina Thomassen (Netherlands)

⦁ Judge Xue Hanqin (China)

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