POSTED: November 6th 2014

Olympic Council of Asia holds Advisory Committee Meeting

The OCA Advisory Committee in Bangkok / OCA
The OCA Advisory Committee in Bangkok / OCA

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Today at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok a meeting was held by the Olympic Council of Asia's Advisory Committee, under the leadership of Ng Ser Miang of Singapore, an International Olympic Committee (IOC) member.

To start off the meeting, Ng Ser Miang welcomed all the committee members, along with thanking Nat Indrapana, Thailand's IOC member, for hosting the meeting. Keeping his eye to the future, Ng Ser Miang talked about the 127th IOC Session, which will be held in Monaco in December. Also, he said that the IOC members will have to select a host for 2017 IOC Session between Finland, Helsinki, Peru, and Lima.

The members where updated on the most recent meeting of the IOC Executive Board in Lausanne by Yu Ziaqing of China, IOC Vice President. He focused on the main recommendations of Olympic Agenda 2020 working groups. The potential changes were the launch of an Olympic TV channel, changing the bidding process to lower costs, and the flexibility of the Olympic Games' sports programs.

Later this month all the recommendations made by the working groups will be accessible to the IOC members, before the public.

Culture and educational aspects into the Olympic channel, and age limits of IOC members, were some of the ideas, in which, IOC Executive Board member CK Wu of Chinese Taipei expanded on during the meeting. Along with other topics of discussion were the number of Asian IOC members’, and IOC members’ visits to bidding cities.

The committee was brought up to date on preparations for the 18th Asian Games in 2018, to be held in Jakarta, by IOC member Rita Subowo. Mrs. Subowo is an Executive Board member for the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), and President of Indonesia National Olympic Committee (NOC). She said that in order to avoid heavy traffic problems in the city center, the six outer ring roads of Jakarta will be used, which will end up connecting North and South clusters.

In the South cluster of Jakarta, comprised of 7-8 apartment blocks will hold the Athletes' Village. Also, Palembang in South Sumatra and West Java will host events. Mrs. Subowo stressed that instead of building or renovating stadiums, that many sports would be held in big exhibition centers.

To wrap up the meeting the OCA Advisory Committee Chairman, Ng Ser Miang, said that the committee should look to the Asian Games, and recommended the OCA to analyze the nationality of athletes along with the scale, cost, and size of the Asian Games.

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