POSTED: November 6th 2014

IOC Survey Reveals Olympic Passion in Turkey

Turkish Olympic Committee logo / TOC
Turkish Olympic Committee logo / TOC

Prof. Dr. Ugur Erdener, TOC President / World Archer Federation
Prof. Dr. Ugur Erdener, TOC President / World Archer Federation

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The International Olympic Committee's (IOC) new research project, which looked at the awareness and strength of the Olympic brand, has strengthened Turkey's passion for the Olympic Games and sport.

The IOC conducted the survey using 16 different markets, with Turkey being only one of them. The research measured the awareness and strength of the Olympic Games, Olympic rings logo, Olympic sponsors during the Sochi 2014 Winter Games, and of the National Committee logos.

“I am delighted that the IOC’s survey confirmed the strength of the Turkish Olympic Committee brand. 72% of those questioned were familiar with the TOC logo before the Sochi 2014 Games and generally it was regarded as appealing as the Olympic rings are. As the Olympic Movement’s representatives are in our country, it is so important that our nation can first identify with the National Olympic Committee as an organization, which not only works tirelessly to make sport indispensable to the lives of every Turkish citizen, but also acts as a channel to the IOC and the Olympic Movement,” commented Professor Dr. U─čur Erdener, Turkish Olympic Committee President

Attesting to Turkey's belief that inspiring its youthful population still remains their top priority, in the survey 78% of those who were interviewed agreed that children were encouraged to participate in sport by the performances of Olympic athletes. Also they said that Olympic athletes were ideal role models to children.

Another part of the survey showcased the Olympic Games as the peak of all sporting events, and that 72% believed that there is no greater honor than winning an Olympic gold medal.

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