POSTED: November 4th 2014

SportAccord IF Forum: Top level domain name .sport to be rolled out soon to SportAccord members

(Left) SportAccord Director General Vlad Marinescu led the panel talking about the .sport domain / SportAccord
(Left) SportAccord Director General Vlad Marinescu led the panel talking about the .sport domain / SportAccord

BRITTA WARNER at the Beau-Rivage Palace in LAUSANNE / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) At the IF Forum currently taking place in Lausanne, SportAccord Director General Vlad Marinescu today explained how SportAccord has retained the top level domain name .sport.

Member federations will be able to use it in combination with the name of their sport and the sport acronym of their International Federation in April next year.

The objective is to bring benefits to the federations by generating additional viewership and revenues.

Marinescu stated that the online sports world is currently fragmented which makes monetization of the different sports more difficult.

He said: “I think it is important that we protect our community and .sport really gives us the framework and the foundations for all sports to put everyone in the sports world into one bundle.”

He added: “The idea that we have with the .sport is not only to intertwine ourselves and to give e-mail and website addresses domain names to make profit and revenues for the federations, but to really classify sport, to build the organigram of sport, to build the monster-tree of sport if we can even use the tree as a classification for the diversity that we have.”

Werner Staub from the International Council of Registrars (CORE) said in this context that by having chosen this specific domain name, SportAccord is able to make use of a “natural vocabulary”.

He expressed his confidence that the public would understand and have trust in the domain. He explained: “For people to identify themselves with a domain name is a long process. It is a linguistic process, it is like learning a language.

He said: “.sport is an ideal word because it is relatively neutral, but also relatively specific.” Staub added: “Of course for this to be leveraged correctly, it has to be done in collaboration with the respective sports federations. It is an ideal tool for developing social networks and mobilising resources, outreach and of course advertising and sponsorship in the context of the community.”

Watch here the livestream of the Forum’s Session “.SPORT – Uniting and Financing Sport”:

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