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IOC: Olympic Summit takes the reforms of Agenda 2020 forward

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(SFC) International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach chaired the Olympic Summit meeting of top level stakeholders of the Olympic Movement IOC headquarters in Lausanne today.

The meeting focused on the “the strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement, which is scheduled for further consideration and final approval at the Extraordinary IOC Session in December”.

Contributions were studied from civil society and the general public in view of enhanced governance of the IOC.

Important to note, three key points were covered at the meeting targeting cost management of the Games, protecting the clean athletes, good governance and youth strategy.

Bidding Procedures

One of the IOC’s main issues on the table is the perception of the value of bidding for the Olympic Games. Therefore this is a very important area to attract future bidders.

Some of the topics that the Summit studied were ways that give more flexibility to bid cities while keeping the emphasis on sustainability of hosting the Olympic Games.

In order to avoid white elephants the Summit supported the idea of urging candidate cities to focus on what kind of tangible legacies hosting the games to bring to their area and how they will positively affect the citizens.

As well during the bid procedure cities must develop their projects to study the host region and see how hosting the Games best fits into the social, environmental and long-term development plans.

The Summit also agreed that the stakeholders must remain flexible and open to reasonable change and adaptation in view of best practices with the bids.

Olympic Programme

A very hotly debated issue is the concept of making changes to the Olympic Programme. The summit agreed that a more flexible approach should be viewed by adopting an event-based rather than a sport-based approach to the composition of the programme, while retaining the limit on the number of athletes participating.

Olympic TV Channel

The setting up of an Olympic TV channel that would not infringe on the television rights holding broadcasters is going to be very tricky however it is a brilliant idea to further support Olympic sports.

The Summit approves the idea as it would back up their presence year-round and worldwide and further their promotion.

Consequently the IOC will contact the relevant stakeholders in the upcoming months for feedback to develop the concept.

Agenda 2020 Going Forward

Today’s contributions on Olympic Agenda 2020 will be combined with those coming from the discussions of the working groups that was held in June and then presented to the IOC commissions.

After that the recommendations will be put forward to the Executive Board (EB) at their meeting in October, and then they will be tabled for discussion with the entire IOC membership and they will be subject to final approval at the Extraordinary IOC Session in Monaco, on 8 and 9 December 2014. 

Fight Against Doping

The IOC has pledged US$20 million to combat the fight against doping, match fixing, and related corruption and these funds will be shared equally among the three.

The head of ASOIF explained of the summit about their closer cooperation with governments and betting operators to better coordinate efforts in the field of education, monitoring and the harmonisation of legislation.

Furthermore the IOC has made available the IBIS monitoring system for the stakeholders of the Olympic Movement. And about this up the signing of a memorandum of understanding has been carried out with Interpol.

WADA president, Sir Craig Reedie, informed the summit about the organization’s efforts to convince governments to match the IOC donation.

Sports Calendar

The Summit also agreed to support the creation of an online sports calendar data base that will be comprehensive for planning sports competitions at a global level, in particular when proposals for new events arise. 

Good Governance

During the last Summit meeting the Working Group on Good Governance was established. Today a proposal was also put forward for an intelligence system to monitor conflicts and the participants agreed on the process of creating ad-hoc taskforces to resolve specific conflicts.

The IOC released a list of some of the participants at the meeting:

Thomas BACH, IOC President
Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad AL-SABAH, ANOC President
Claudia BOKEL, Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission
John D. COATES, AC, IOC Vice-President
Bruno GRANDI, FIG President
Patrick HICKEY, IOC EB Member
Gian-Franco KASPER, AIOWF President
Peng LIU, Chinese Olympic Committee President
Julio César MAGLIONE, FINA President
Lawrence PROBST III, United States Olympic Committee 
Craig REEDIE, IOC Vice-President
Francesco RICCI BITTI, ASOIF President
Marius VIZER, SportAccord President
Ching-Kuo WU, IOC EB Member
Alexander ZHUKOV, Russian Olympic Committee President
Zaiqing YU, IOC Vice-President

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