POSTED: July 22nd 2014

Sports Travel: Korean Air most desired workplace

Korean Air overtook Samsung Electronics in the poll / Korean Air
Korean Air overtook Samsung Electronics in the poll / Korean Air

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(SFC) A recent poll conducted by found Korean Air to be the favourite Korean company for which university students would like to work with a majority 7.1 percent of votes.

Korean Air, which ranked third in the same poll last year, overtakes Samsung Electronics – which had held the title since 2010 – in the rankings. The survey, asked of 1,106 students, included 130 companies ranked by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry amongst the top 10 in revenue in their respective sectors.

“Korean Air’s increasing popularity among young job-seekers reflects perceptions that airline officials go overseas often,” an Incruit official said. “Also, the company presented itself well to job-seekers.”

Twenty-one percent of respondents cited employee benefits, like discounted air tickets, as a main reason for Korean Air’s likability, while those who chose Samsung Electronics also said employee benefits were a major factor.

“Korean Air has been ranked relatively high for years, but this news is more pleasing,” a Korean Air official told The Korea Times. “Yes, we have good ticket discounts for our employees. You’d only have to pay 10 percent of the regular price. Certainly, it is a good opportunity . . . But Korean Air is also renowned for its working culture.”

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