POSTED: April 10th 2014

Rio 2016: IOC expediting Games expert and local monitoring group

IOC Thomas Bach at the SportAccord Convention in Belek
IOC Thomas Bach at the SportAccord Convention in Belek

LAURA WALDEN in Belek / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be stepping in and taking a much more active and hands on approach to managing the Games in Rio after the international sports federations raised serious concerns this week over delays in preparations.

IOC President Bach has decided to send over Gilbert Felli, Olympic Games Executive Director, earlier than planned to oversee the works going on and to facilitate energies between the relative stake holders involved. The President also said that they want to have a high level decision making body to coordinate the stakeholders with dedicated Task Forces. And he wants a local project manager to monitor Rio 2016 on a daily basis.

Felli will get started with a teleconference on Monday with the Rio organizers and the Mayor, Eduardo Paes, to coordinate the new working plan.

The Task Forces will deal with the areas of construction, operations and engagement of the population. The engagement of the population group will be working to deliver the message to the citizens of Rio and Brazil about the legacy and the benefits of hosting the Olympic Games. Brazil has had trouble with protesters who complained about the use of funding to host the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics and the IOC needs to send the message that the works will benefit the population and he said, “It will be like Barcelona.”

"We had the meeting yesterday in a very constructive atmosphere with our partners from Rio," Bach said in a news conference in Turkey at the end of a two-day executive board meeting.

"We then took some decisions about how we can accelerate one way or another the works in Rio and how we can work even closer with the organizing committee and the different levels of government.

"We need all our energy because we share the concerns. What we are doing is to show ways with our experience in organizing Games how the different levels of government can work better together, how seamless cooperation can be ensured.

"What I can categorically say is that we will do everything possible to make these Games a success," Bach, elected to this position in September, said when asked whether he could guarantee the 2016 Games would be held in Rio and the Brazilian city would not lose the Olympics.

"One of the measures is that Gilbert Felli will concentrate more on Rio than it was previously planned.”

One of the questions raised was if Bach would hand out a yellow card to the organizers to signify the gravity of the matter. 

Bach replied, "This is not about giving out yellow cards. This is about ensuring success of these Games. We still believed these Games can be very successful and we are undertaking all measures to make these Games successful.

"You have to take positive action and this is what we are doing with the measures I just outlined. This is not about the past but about 2016. We have to look into future and not starting the blame game for the past."

"Once after the closing ceremony of successful Rio Games we can come back to this question (of who is to blame) and speak about the responsibility. Now we will not act in a responsible way if we look too much into the past."

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